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Awards & Grants Committee


Chair: Mike Loomis , exp. 2015
Co-Chair: Scott Citino

The Awards Committee succession will be as follows:

Committee Member
Date to Rotate off the Committee
Michael Stoskopf2013
Scott Citino2014
Bill Lance2014
Mike Loomis2015
Dave Jessup2016
Dalen Agnew2017

Members in Action

The Emil Dolensek Award

The previous award winners are: James Foster (1991), Wilbur Amand (1993), Mitchell Bush (1994), Murray Fowler (1995), Billy Karesh (1997), Werner Heuschele (1998), Richard Montali (1999), Linda Munson (2001), Eric Miller (2002), Michael Stoskopf (2003), James Carpenter (2004), Elizabeth S. Williams and E. Thomas Thorne (2005), Mike Cranfield (2006), Scott Citino (2007), Mike Loomis (2008), Don Janssen (2009), David Jessup (2010), Elliott Jacobson (2011), Not Awarded (2012) and Bonnie Raphael (2013).

The current selection philosophy for the award is: "The Emil Dolensek Award is an honor presented to a past or present member of the AAZV in appreciation for exceptional contributions to the conservation, care, and understanding of zoo and free-ranging wildlife reflecting Emil Dolensek's commitment to these purposes. Emil was in the prime of his life and his career, and this award recognizes similar individuals that have advanced the profession and served to link the related disciplines of zoo and wildlife medicine."

The recipient of the award is announced at the annual banquet. The recipient receives a $1,000 cash award.

The Duane Ullrey Award

The previous winners are Duane Ullrey (1999), Ulyses S. Seal (2001), Sue Crissey (2002), William Lance (2003), JoGayle Howard (2004), Oliver A. Ryder (2005), Bill Lasley (2006), David Wildt (2007), Linda Lowenstein (2008), Not Awarded 2009, 2010, 2011), Mike Garner (2012) and J. Andrew Teare (2013).

The current selection philosophy for this award is: "The Duane Ullrey Award is an honor presented in appreciation for exceptional achievements in the science of wild animal health and for support of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians. The recipients will be non-veterinarians or non-clinical researchers who have used sound scientific principles to achieve significant benefits to wildlife and reflecting the commitment of Duane Ullrey to these purposes. Long-term membership in AAZV is desirable."

The recipient of the award is announced at the annual banquet. The recipient receives a plaque.

Presidential Awards 2013:

Each year at Annual Conference recipients are recognized for outstanding achievements within the association and/or within the animal medicine. We recognized the following individuals.

  1. Kay Backues – for so ably serving elephants and the AAZV through representing us on the Management and Research Priorities of Tuberculosis for Elephants in Human Care Stakeholders Task Force
  2. Tom Curro - for the many years of selfless service as the AAZV webmaster
  3. Tom deMaar – for coordinating the Pfizer and Zoetis pharmaceutical product distribution for AZA members
  4. Donna Ialeggio – for serving the AAZV by continuously reviewing Federal documents to identify those relevant to our profession
  5. Nadine Lamberski, Mike Adkesson, and Jessica Siegal–Willott – for establishing a standard of excellence for the AAZV’s Scientific Program Committee
  6. Tom Meehan – for the many years of AAZV service serving as our official liaison with so many organizations and government agencies
  7. Kurt Sladky – for the years of AAZV service as our representative to the AVMA Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee

Animal Necessity Inc. Student Manuscript Competition 2013:

1st Place: Justin Rosenberg - Evaluating the efficacy and safety of injectable Guaifenesin as an anesthetic agent in elasmobranchs

2nd Place: Sean Perry - Dental onlay bridge-like prosthesis in three koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus): the use of Premise™ trimodal composite to prevent interproximal Eucalyptus spp. retention & infection

Safe-Capture Poster Awards 2013:

1st Place: Christine Fiorello, Extrapolation of methods for fibrinogen measurements in avian species

2nd Place: Kate Gustavsen, Pharmacokinetics of buprenorphine hydrochloride in American Kestrels (Falcosparverius) following IM and IV administration

Morris Animal Foundation Post Graduate Manuscript 2013:

1st Place: Justin Schlauser - Clinical diagnosis and management of idiopathic epilepsy in a black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis)

2nd Place: Paige Brock - Pharmacokinetics of a single oral or rectal dose of concurrently administered isoniazid, rifampin, pyrazinamide, and ethambutol in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)

Linda Munson Pathology Manuscript Award


Rhea Hanselmann - Causes of morbidity and mortality in captive kori bustards (Ardeotis kori) in the United States 

Mazuri Grants/Awards for Education and Research 2011

Sharon Deem, St. Louis Zoo, An Epidemiologic Study of Rumenitis in Exotic Ungulates, $6,000
Kristain Krause, Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital, Conjunctival Prevalence and Genetic Sequence of Feline Herpesvirus in Nondomestic Felids in US Zoos, $5,520
Greg Levens, Cincinnatti Zoo, Zoo Pathology Training Tool, $2,800

Member Information Section

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