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Committee on Wildlife Health and Conservation

Co-Chair: Sonia Hernandez
Co-Chair: Karen Wolf

Purpose Statement: This committee serves as a liaison between the AAZV and the AAWV and serves to improve the communication and collaboration between the two organizations. 

Members in Action:

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Other Resources

Guidelines for Veterinarians Working in in situ Conservation

Reference the guidelines for Oiled Wildlife Response Training

Overview for Committee on Wildlife Health and Conservation:

Mission Statement: To enhance and promote veterinary contributions to the health and welfare of free-ranging wildlife and the ecosystems on which they depend.

Background: This committee is being established to assure that veterinary contributions to the conservation and management of free-ranging wildlife are a high priority within AAZV. Although the CWHC has some areas of interface with other AAZV Committees (e.g., Infectious Diseases) and existing AAZV activities (e.g., SSPÕs) it is not meant to duplicate or supplant any of those. CWHCÕs focus is on free-ranging wildlife populations and the ecosystems on which they depend; on landscape approaches to health; on preventive medicine; and on the activities and needs of AAZV members with responsibilities for free-ranging wildlife health.

Objectives/Purpose: The CWHC embraces the Mission Statement and Purpose(s) of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AAZV) and the objectives of the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians (AAWV).

Structure: The CWHC is a joint committee of AAZV and AAWV that was formed to increase interaction and collaboration between the two organizations. The committee leadership is composed of the Vice President of AAWV, who serves as the Chair, and a Co-chair from AAZV appointed by that organization’s Executive Committee. Any member of AAWV or AAZV can join the committee, either by coming to an annual meeting (generally held on Monday or Wednesday evening during the annual AAZV conference) or by emailing the Chair or Co-chair and asking to be placed on the email membership list. Co-chair terms are typically 3 years long. It is helpful if the outgoing Co-chair can identify a replacement and nominate them to the President.

Description of AAZV duties for Co-chair:

  1. Prepare reports for the annual and midyear meetings of the Executive Committee.
  2. Prepare an agenda for the committee meeting held at the annual AAZV conference.
  3. Keep committee members apprised of items of interest via email throughout the year.
  4. Request comments from the committee membership on issues forwarded from the LAW, Executive, or other committees.
  5. Working with the LAW committee to develop position statements on issues of interest to members.
  6. Receive reports from the AAZV/AAWV representative to the AVMA Committee on Environmental Issues (usually this is accomplished by inviting the representative to the annual committee meeting).
  7. Promote activities that support and advance the Committee mission and objectives.
  8. Other tasks as directed by the Executive Committee.
  9. Review and update this Procedural Manual as needed.



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