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Residency Available at North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University  
North Carolina State Zoological Park  
Dr. Michael Stoskopf  
Dept. of DoCS  
4700 Hillsborough Street  
College of Veterinary Medicine  
North Carolina State University  
Raleigh, NC 27606
MATCHING: YES for general zoo, or aquatic. NO for avian. Query by mail for application information.
PRIMARY CONTACT: Drs. Michael Stoskopf, Mike Loomis, Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf, Keven Flammer
General Zoo Practice and Aquatic Medicine are 3-year residencies. One resident is selected each year with the emphasis of the residency rotating. The resident selected and starting in 2006 was selected for a general zoo emphasis. The next year's resident will have an emphasis in aquatic medicine, and the year following will select for a resident with general zoo emphasis, and the rotation will continue in that order. The avian residency is a two-year residency with one resident being selected every other year. Currently we are not filling that position while adjustments are made in our service distribution.
3 years for general zoo and aquatic, 2 years for avian.

Last updated: 12/2007

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