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2002 aazv_proposed_bylaws_change_synopsis


The last review of the By-laws was conducted in 2002.  Since the office has moved, some governmental rules and regulations have changed, and a few changes had been suggested by members, the Executive Committee elected to review them at its April meeting. 

A synopsis of  the suggested changes are:   

1.  There is a new Membership Type (Article VII).  It’s called "Family Member” and it’s for spouses who don’t need (or need to pay for) a copy of the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine.  

2.  Some of the duties of the Executive Director (Article IX, Section 7) have been more clearly defined.  

3.  There is an addition of an Audit Committee (Article IX, Section 12).  The Audit Committee consists of the Treasurer, Secretary, and two members of the Board selected by the President.  The Audit Committee recommends (hires) a certified public accountant and recommends to the Board the kind of review the CPA should do each year (prepare tax forms, prepare tax forms and review, or prepare tax forms and conduct full audit.), and reviews the accountants reports.    

4.  Some of the Standing Committees (Article IX, Section 12) have been consolidated and/or renamed 


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