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Elephant Information



Data Request – Elephant Medical Records & Serum

   Data Request – updated vet records & serum samples collected during clinical signs of illness.

   Serum Collection, Storage and Shipping Protocol

   Elephant Serum Submission Form



Elephant AZA TAG/SSP Veterinary Update 2013

Elephant SSP/TAG Veterinary Update 2012

AZA Elephant TAG/SSP Pathology Advisor report

Elephant SSP Veterinary Advisor Reports

Elephant SSP/TAG Veterinary Advisor-RCP Action Item - May 2003

Elephant Veterinary Advisor Report 2002

Maximizing Occupational Safety of Elephant Care Professionals At AZA-accredited and AZA-certified Facilities
AZA Elephant Programs - Board Actions Timeline

Minimum Standards of Care for Elephant Calves EEHV AG Meeting Aug2014

9th Annual International Workshop for Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus Jan 2013

EEHV Workshop Summary and Report January 2013

Elephant Herpesvirus (EEHV)Workshop Report 2011
Pathogenisis and Molecular Epidemiology of Fatal Elephant Endotheliotropic Disease Associated with the Expanding Proboscivirus Genus of the Betaherpesvirinae
Elephant Herpesvirus Morbity and Mortality Update 2003
Herpes Incidence 2003 (Excel)
Elephant History for Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV) Testing
EEHV Tissue Research Protocol
EEHV Sample Submission Instructions and Form

Encephalomyocarditis Virus (EMCV): Options for Vaccination of Elephants

Recommended Elephant Preshipment Guidelines 2012

Elephant Transport Guidelines July 2012

Elephant Quarantine Guidelines July 2012

Guidelines for Comprehensive Elephant Health Monitoring Program 2012

Elephant Research and Tissue Request Protocol 2012

Chembio Granted USDA License For Its ElephantTB STAT-PAKÆ Assay
Elephant TB serologic test (ElephantTB STAT-PAK) update
Elephant Tuberculosis Research Workshop Summary, May 21-22, 2005
Elephant TB Guidelines and Submission Forms 2003

African Elephant Progesterone Assay Submission Protocol (Indianapolis Zoo)

Elephant Reproductive Treatment Summary 2006

Elephant Paternity Genetic Testing
Elephant Paternity Testing Protocol Information

Elephant Serum Bank Submission Form

Elephant WNV Update January 2004

Elephant WNV Vaccination Survery Results August 2003

Sumatran Elephant Project Update November 2002

Asian Rhino and Elephant Update August 2002

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