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Internship Available at Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minn


The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

Address (City, Street, State/Province, Zip)

2530 Dale St N Roseville, MN 55113

Primary Contact

Renee Schott, DVM

Primary Contact Email, Phone

Number of Positions Available


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Application Deadline


Application should include

Current CV/resume (in pdf format), 3 references with contact information

Experience Required

Wildlife rehabilitation experience preferred, but not required

Accept International Applicants



$2000/month stipend. No health insurance. Housing not provided.

Length of Commitment/Start Date

4-5 months

Program Description

To provide the Intern with hands-on experience in wildlife rehabilitation and medicine; at the end of the internship, Interns should be able to manage common wildlife rehabilitation cases in all aspects, including husbandry, common problems, treatment plans, diagnostics, anesthesia and surgery. · To improve the Intern’s ability to recognize and identify different species of native Minnesota wildlife, and be knowledgeable of their natural history, feeding habits, habitat requirements, and any other specialized care while in a hospital and rehabilitation setting. · To improve the Intern’s clinical skills working with non-domestic species, including but not limited to: venipuncture, hematology, parasitology, radiology, anesthesiology, soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, wound and fracture management, drug and fluid administration, and necropsy. · To provide opportunities to learn more about the inner workings of a large-scale wildlife hospital. · To allow the Intern to engage in and improve on interpersonal skills with veterinarians, veterinary technicians, volunteers, interns, rehabilitators and members of the general public. · To provide the Intern with a fun and interesting learning environment! Details: · Minimum requirements: applicant must be a licensed veterinarian in the US with the ability to complete the MN State Licensure exam within the first 2 weeks of starting. ·Duration: the internship will begin June 1, 2017, with the option to start as soon as early as May 1, and continue for 4-5 months. It is extremely important the intern complete the entire internship though the end of 4 months. The Intern will have the option to stay for a maximum of 5 months. · Schedule: the intern will be scheduled 40-45 hours/week averaged over 4 weeks, and will work two out of every four weekends. No vacation time is offered due to the short nature of this internship, however, WRC offers a flexible schedule and understands the applicant may need this flexibility when job-searching. For the first two months, the Intern will always be working with a Staff Veterinarian except in emergency situations. Last two months, the Intern will take on more 2 independent shifts to cover staff absences, however, will still work with Staff Veterinarians and will have access to consultation at all times. · Time division: with the goal of the internship being a fully functioning wildlife rehabilitation veterinarian, it is important that the Intern gain knowledge in all aspects of the rehabilitation process. While working directly with a Staff Veterinarian, the Interns time will be roughly equally divided into these tasks, averaged over the entire Internship: o Husbandry §Interns will be responsible, along with Staff Veterinarians, for determining the proper husbandry for all adult patients in care. § Interns will be trained to feed and care for young animals in all nurseries, however, they will not have other scheduled shifts in these areas o Nursery rechecks o Adult rechecks o Involved procedures: whenever procedures are being performed and time allows the Intern will be included o Admission exams o Diagnostic interpretation PRN o Open and Closing shifts · Teaching: WRC has many 1st-4th year veterinary students who rotate through the center. The Intern, along with Staff Veterinarians, will be responsible for teaching and instructing students. · Other activities: weekly journal rounds will be held with the Medical Staff. The Intern will be required to complete at least one major project during the internship with the goal of publication. The Intern is encouraged to attend all Medical Staff and Staff Meetings in order to gain a better understanding of how a large wildlife rehabilitation facility functions.

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