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Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD)
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1/20/2017 at 3:07:04 PM GMT
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Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD)

The conversation started on the AAZV Listserv by the initial post.  Please continue the conversation here so it will be a resource for the colleagues of AAZV. Vickie Clyde has provided a summary for reference. 

"The VFD has affected the safari park that I work at. Obviously these animals are not in the food chain, but we still have to jump through the FDA hoops to get medicated feed from a distributor. Unfortunately medicated feed is often the most efficient way to treat such a large group of free ranging animals. Are there any other institutions on the list that are dealing with this issue? If so, how did you handle it?"
David Hannon, DVM, DABVP-Avian
TN Safari Park

"I have been writing VFD's for years for fish and now we must for all feed and water antibiotics. It really isn't a big deal most of the manufacturers have web based fillable forms. Fill it out, give it to your feed supplier, get the feed then feed it. Of course you have to keep records and there are restrictions as to use, the primary being no extra label use. There are exemptions for extra label use for minor species. AVMA has a wonderful tutorial."
Michael D. Stafford DVM
Fair Grove Veterinary Service

"It really is not a big deal, just different. We can do this. Trust me, zoos are easy compared to other industries!"
Brian joseph, DVM
WA state vet and Aazv member for over 30 years

"I have a large animal practice as well as exotics and zoos, you cannot believe how many cussins I have taken the last two weeks! Valid veterinary/client/patient relationship now has meaning!"
Michael D. Stafford DVM
Fair Grove Veterinary Service

"I am just beginning to explore this with some endangered fish being hatchery raised by USFWS down outside of Las Vegas. I'll let you know what my experiences are, but any lag time in receiving medicated feed will likely result in all fish dying."
Peregrine L. Wolff, DVM
Wildlife Veterinarian,Nevada Department of Wildlife

"Skretting or Rangen either one will accept the vfd and have the feed to you as quick as you can afford. Both are very easy to work with. I have received feed within 24 hours in Southwest Missouri from Idaho, of course the shipping is more than the cost of the feed but worth it when fish are dying."
Michael D. Stafford DVM

"I might also mention that in dire circumstances I mix the medication myself into the Mazuri gel diet and feed it."
Michael D. Stafford DVM

"Here is a resource that should help some of you."
Rob Hunter

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