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spider monkey behavior change and unilateral epistaxis
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4/13/2017 at 12:28:23 PM GMT
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spider monkey behavior change and unilateral epistaxis

Hi everyone - we have 1.0  23+ year old sexually intact year old brown spider monkey that has been chronically housed with 0.1 contracepted conspecific and 0.2 contracepted black-headed spider monkeys. They have been housed together in their current enclosure since the two brown spiders cleared quarantine (2005). There has been long-term keeper consistency in this area, with no change in primary keeper in @6 years.Within the past several months there has been a marked change in the male's behavior which is increasingly aggressive, although the aggressions have generally been more addressed toward staff rather than cagemates. In addition, the male has experienced at least three brief bouts of unilateral (left) epistaxis in recent weeks. We are planning diagnostic evaluations to narrow the laundry list of dfferentials and are looking to include a series of hormonal serologic assays in the battery of tests. Is anyone able to suggest a lab in the US that will have validated testing for spider monkeys for gonadal, pituitary, adrenal, etc hormones?



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