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Clinical Pathology
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Conure Fecal Organism 0 S. Munyon A  pineapple green cheek conure presented for a 3 day history of loose stool and acute lethargy.  A fecal direct exam had no significant findings.  The fecal gram stain showed several oblong gram positive organisms with narrow lighter cytoplasm and darker central (nuclear?) region.  The patient ended up hospitalized for several days with supportive care and slowly improved.  I haven't found these organisms in any of my resources, anyone have a suggestion of what they are?
by S. Munyon
Saturday, March 3, 2018
Parrotlet Fecal Organism 0 S. Munyon A group of related (siblings but different clutches) color mutant parrotlets presented for workup of feather destructive behavior progressing to head tremors then tetraparesis.  Fecal exams were performed on 2 of the less affected birds.  The fecal directs and one of the fecal gram stains were unremarkable.  The other contained 3 elongated organisms with gram negative cytoplasm and gram positive organelles.  We are unsure of the identity of these organisms (and therefore their significance).  Does anyone know what these organisms are or a good resource to help us ID them?
by S. Munyon
Saturday, March 3, 2018

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