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LAW Committee Description of Positions

AAZV Production of Position Statements

Position statements, analyses of legislation, and other documents may be produced as a consequence of Executive Board or Executive Committee directives, or at the initiative of committee members. Position statements produced at the sub-committee level are reviewed by the committee chair and co-chair, and are forwarded to Executive committee and Executive Board members with an interest in reviewing the documents. Comments from these reviews are incorporated into a final document that is forwarded to the Executive Board or Executive Committee for consideration. Policy statements and reviews should take the following into consideration:

  1. a statement of the issue or concern
  2. the historical context of the issue or concern
  3. an assessment of the issues (including cited references, where relevant). It is important to present both sides of the issue.
  4. a review of current federal, state, and local regulations that are relevant.
  5. a summary of allied association’s positions.
  6. an analysis and synthesis of the above
  7. a conclusion that clearly states the position that logically arises from the analysis and synthesis.
  8. a list of references, when appropriate
  9. a list of subcommittee chairs and members
  10. a list of reviewers

A "bullet” format for ease of reading is recommended, where possible. Style and formats should follow Journal of Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine guidelines.


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