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Black-footed Cat Blood Karyology Protocol



Materials Needed

alcohol swabs
5 cc syringe
21 gauge needle, or appropriate size
1-5 cc heparinized vacutainer (green top) or a 10 cc red-top vacutainer containing 330 units (0.33 cc) of sterile Na-heparin (1000 U/ml).  (Concentration of heparin is 33 units/ml blood).



1.  With separate alcohol swabs, clean the cap on the vacutainer and the selected venipuncture area on the animal.

2.  Obtain 10 cc whole blood.

3.  Inject blood into vacutainer through the cap.  Let the vacuum draw the blood in; do not force it.

4.  Immediately invert the tube gently at least 10 times, mixing the blood and heparin to prevent clotting.  (Clotted blood is useless for our lymphocyte culture procedures.)

5.  Label the tube with House ID, ISIS #, Sex, Date and Institution.

6.  Send blood at ambient temperature via FEDEX overnight.  Be sure the vacutainer tube(s) are well packed for prevention of breakage and exposure to heat and cold.  Ship with ice pack only if ambient temperature exceeds 80°F; wrap ice pack with toweling and package tubes as far away from ice pack as possible.  DO NOT SEND FROZEN BLOOD.

7.  Ship to:      Marlys Houck
                  CRES – Genetics Laboratory
                  15600 San Pasqual Valley Rd.
                  Escondido, CA 92027-7000

If there are any questions regarding this protocol, please call: Marlys Houck, (760) 291-5454, or the Genetics office at (760) 747-8702 x 5716 or 5725.

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