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Chimp Vet Advisor Annual Report 2004

Chimp SSP Veterinary Advisor Report 2004


Veterinary Advisors

Kathryn C. Gamble DVM, MS, DACZM          Kay Backues, DVM, DACZM

Lincoln Park Zoo                                  Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum

Director of Veterinary Services                   Head Veterinarian

2001 North Clark Street                        5701 E 36th Street North

Chicago, IL 60614                               Tulsa, OK 74115

Ph:  312.742.7722                              Ph:  918.669.6243

Fx:  312.742.7823                              Fx:  918.669.6260                              

Health Updates:

  • Limited mortality (1.1) was reported since the last veterinary report.  The female presented with diverticulitis and abdominal infection.  The male was a death that occurred just prior to this report so no confirmed final cause of death has been established.
  • Health consultations were largely focused in zoos on parasite infections and behavioral modification through pharmacologic means.  However, in late August, a 50 yr, male presented with scrotal edema that was ultimately caused by congestive cardiac failure.
  • Pathology was reviewed from 1990-2003 from AZA-accredited institutions.  A 100% survey return rate was received.  Cardiac disease was identified as a substantial cause of morbidity and mortality in this SSP.  The complete findings of this process were presented as a poster to the annual meeting of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians.
  • Consultation with Gombe was ongoing on several aspects of medicine this year.  However, the most notable focus was on baselines for parasite loads that have been developed into a fecal survey by technical staff at Lincoln Park Zoo.  Two cases of ‘wasting’ were reported in older male chimpanzees that were considered for pharmacologic intervention.

Upcoming projects will include continued development of the husbandry manual by review of the veterinary and contraceptive chapters.


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