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28 AUGUST 2004



Nadine Lamberski, DVM, Dipl. ACZM

A. Sincere thanks to all of the officers, committee chairs, and committee co-chairs for all the time and effort dedicated to our organization! 

B. Workshops and Conference Programs

The 2004 WDA/AAWV/AAZV Conference Program represents countless hours of work, and I gratefully acknowledge Program Chairs Joe Flanagan (AAZV), Dave Jessup (AAWV), Jonna Mazet (WDA), and Pam Yochem (WDA) for their tireless efforts. Please see Joe’s report for more details.

Julie Langenberg initiated the workshop planning and Michele Miller has assumed this responsibility. Michele has been working with Dave Jessup and 2 exciting days of  AAZV and AAWV workshops are planned.

The AAZV workshops include: Koala Veterinary Care, Hoofstock Manual Restraint, Very Basic Big Cat Medicine, Renal Medicine and Fluid Therapy, Elephant Toenail Abscesses, and the 11th Annual Zoo and Wildlife Pathology. The AAWV workshops include So You Want to be a Wildlife Veterinarian II?, Capture and Immobilization of Free-ranging Wildlife, and Marine Mammal Pathology.

The Zoological Society of San Diego (ZSSD) has made a significant financial commitment in support of this meeting. Don Janssen and the ZSSD Local Host Committee are acknowledged for their efforts in making this a GREEN conference. I would also like to acknowledge Kim Williams, Terry Camarata, and Susanne Schofield from ZSSD.

An MOU with ACZM has being written (attached) in order to institutionalize ACZM CE sponsorship of the scientific program.

C. Listserv

The AAZV Listserv is functional; however, only approximately 45% of the membership is represented (increase from 35% at the midyear meeting). The Listserv will be critical for the timely dissemination of information for this organization and this should be a priority for 2005.

  1. Valerie Stoddard from ZSSD has been sending e-mail reminders. This has not been as effective as originally thought. A phone call campaign may be necessary. A suggested procedure to follow is listed below:
  2. Each volunteer will be asked to contact a certain number of members (by phone or e-mail). Volunteers will contact each person by e-mail and ask that they join the AAZV Listserv by sending a blank e-mail to If an e-mail address bounces back or if no e-mail is listed, please contact the person by phone to obtain the necessary information.

D. Web Directory 

A plea for members to use the web directory will be sent from the Listserv after the members as noted above are added. This will allow members to update their own information as needed.

E. Ad hoc Membership Drive Committee

The objectives of this committee are two-fold: 1) increase overall AAZV membership and 2) increase the percentage of AAZV members that are also AVMA members. Suggestions on how to do this include recruiting veterinarians working at USDA facilities or veterinarians serving as consulting veterinarians for non-AZA zoos (this list may be available through Barb Cohen). Another idea is to verify that all AZA zoos have a veterinarian that is an AAZV member. It would be ideal to encourage AVMA membership at this time. An invitation to join AAZV should be drafted by this committee. Identifying a Chair and Co-chair for this committee should be a priority for 2004-2005. Kathryn Gamble and Natalie Mylniczenko have declined.

F. Letter to Zoo Directors

A letter (attached) asking Zoo Directors to support their veterinarian’s role in conservation efforts was endorsed by Eric Miller and sent out on the Zoo Director’s listserve at the suggestion of Kris Vehrs.

G. AZA Animal Welfare Committee

At the request of AZA’s AWC and AHC, Bob Cook, Robyn Barbiers, Jan Ramer, Nadine Lamberski, and hopefully others will be reviewing, updating, and revising the Veterinary Standards currently included in the AZA Accreditation guidelines.


I was invited to attend the IADISC meeting in Orlando, Florida in May, 2004. As a result, AAZV has been granted 5 seats on ADISC. Those individuals are: Andy Teare (Chair of the AAZV ZIMS Committee), Martha Weber (Co-Chair of the AAZV ZIMS Committee), Michelle Willette (AAZV ZIMS Committee member), Tom Curro (AAZV Webmaster), and Nadine Lamberski (AAZV Executive Committee). More information can be found in the ZIMS Committee Report.

I. Dues and Conference Fee Increases

AAZV is financially solvent; however, costs continue to increase in the face of static revenue. Because of this, a decision was made at the midyear meeting to increase dues as well as conference registration fees.  Although the last dues increase was in 2000, costs of operating the organization have steadily increased. The largest expenses are the production of the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and the annual conference. Conference registration fees are calculated based on actual costs and the majority of this fee is for catering. The workshops are the only portion of the annual meeting that intentionally generates revenue.

J. International Species Information System (ISIS)

ISIS Board approved creating a new professional association membership class. Such professional associations may then have the right (depending on their size) to nominate one person to the ISIS Scientific Advisory Committee. AAZV will be invited to join and can do so by offering ISIS reciprocal membership. This membership should improve communication between ISIS and AAZV.

L. World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)

AAZV membership in WAZA ( is in the ballot which runs from July 15- September 15. Dr. Peter Dollinger has no doubt we will be accepted. This is a small but important step in keeping AAZV connected in the larger international zoo community. The next WAZA meeting is in Tapei this fall and Eric Miller is willing to represent AAZV if needed.

Jacques Kaandorp (upcoming President of EAZWV) has been invited to attend our board meeting. I attended the EAZWV board meeting in Denmark in May, 2004. We hope this type of interaction will improve communication between our organizations. EAZWV has invited AAZV to a hold a joint conference in Europe. Due to concerns over cost, poor attendance, and Continuing Education credits, AAZV will not likely be able to have a European meeting as the sole meeting for a given year. We proposed that AAZV partner with EAZWV by sponsoring a session during the EAZWV meeting.

Respectfully submitted,


Nadine Lamberski, DVM, Dipl. ACZM

Senior Veterinarian

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