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Animal Health Committee: Goals and Priorities


Goal: To support the highest quality comprehensive animal health care in all AZA institutions by:

·         Drafting and reviewing health related guidelines and policies as needed or requested by the AZA Board, other scientific advisory groups and AZA programs

·         Helping  AZA institutions respond to the rapidly changing dynamics of global health and emerging and zoonotic diseases by drafting protocols, guidelines, and recommendations for AZA institutions and disseminating information in a timely and readily accessible fashion

·         Working with Accreditation Commission on development and/or review of health related accreditation standards

·         Acting as a liaison between AZA and AAZV and animal health regulatory agencies, such as USDA and CDC in collaboration with the Director of Government Affairs

·         Providing review of research or conservation proposals for CEF and other granting bodies


The Veterinary advisors group (VAG) is a subcommittee of AZA’s Animal Health Committee (AHC) and was established with 3 main goals in mind:

1)      To act as a support and advisory body for SSP/TAG Veterinary Advisors;

2)      To act as a source of information for protocols concerning the roles and responsibilities of Veterinary       Advisors; and

3)      To serve as an informational resource on veterinary issues that may impact conservation programs.


Priority research issues (in no specific order):

Improved diagnostics

Disease surveillance

Preventive health

Vaccine efficacy studies

Disease risk factor analysis

Animal movement and transport issues

Measuring well-being and stress

Refinement of annual examination/testing protocols based on risk


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