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General Information on Submissions 

Each speaker is required to submit either a full scientific paper (including an abstract) or a short abstract.  Submissions will be published in the Proceedings, which is distributed to participants during the meeting and mailed to all members of the association.  Membership in the AAZV, AAWV, or NAG is not required for submission of manuscripts. The associations invite professionals from many different scientific disciplines from throughout the world to submit papers. An author may submit more than one paper or abstract, however, only two may be accepted for presentation at the conference. A paper may not be presented by an individual other than one of the authors and any exception to this rule requires prior approval of the session chairperson. The presenter must have material knowledge of the data in the paper and must be able to answer questions during the question and answer portion of the session.  Material presented during the meeting must be based on the same information contained in the submitted manuscript. Manuscripts must consist of original material that has not been published previously in the scientific literature by the authors. Scientific literature includes proceedings of other scientific meetings, foreign language journals and posters. English is the official language of the proceedings. 

Instructions to Authors 

1.  The deadline for submission of manuscripts to session chairpersons is 7 April 2007. 

2.  Manuscripts should be submitted in electronic form (disk or via email to the session chair) in any IBM-compatible word processing format.  

3.  Submissions may be in the form of either a brief abstract (one or two paragraphs) or a full paper (no longer than 5 pages in length including tables, figures, and references).  An abstract must be included at the beginning of each full paper submission.  Papers that exceed the page limit in length will be returned to authors for modification.  

4.  Submissions should be a concise, factual condensation of information to be presented, accompanied by relevant supporting data; avoid including extraneous information.  Abstracts less than 250 words in length published in the Proceedings are not considered full publications and thus, full scientific manuscripts on the same topic may be submitted elsewhere for publication. Authors should be aware of the relevant journal policies regarding prior publication and are encouraged to decide for themselves how much information to include in the AAZV Proceedings abstract if they intend to publish subsequently.  If your poster or abstract has been presented elsewhere and published previously or is submitted/in press elsewhere, please provide a “reprinted with permission” statement from the other organization. 

5.  Outlines will not be accepted.  Abstracts stating “data will be presented,” or “subject will be discussed,” will not be accepted. 

6. Submissions should provide only relevant information.  Your audience includes members of the association who may not be in attendance; therefore, critical information should be provided.  Of particular interest are drug dosages, anesthetic regimes, and trade names and addresses of product manufacturers.   

Format and Style Specifications 

Style will follow the “Guidelines for Authors” in the December Index issue of the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine with the exceptions listed below. 

Format Specific to Proceedings  

1.  Use single-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman type. 

2.  Use one-inch (1”) margins on each side, top, and bottom of each page.  Text should be full justified (do not use right and left alignment). 

3.  No title page needed. 

4. Do not number pages.   

5.  Do not use author’s surname or running title at the top of pages. 

6. The name of the author presenting the paper should be identified with an asterisk (*). 

7.  Tables and figures should fit within a 4 × 6” area and should be submitted on disk in IBM-compatible graphics or spreadsheet program format.  All tables and figures will be edited for style and formatted for publication. No photographs or color images will be accepted. 


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