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Residency Available at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo


Cleveland Metroparks Zoo


3900 Wildlife Way Cleveland, OH 44109

Primary Contact:

Kristen Lukas, Ph.D

Primary Contact Email, Phone:

Number of Positions:


Matching Program:


Application Deadline:

Until Filled

Application Should Include:

Résumé or CV only

Experience Required:

Internship complete

Accept International Applicants:



Based on experience

Length of Committment/Start Date:

3 year position

Program Description:

Conservation Medicine Resident Cleveland Metroparks Zoo The Conservation Medicine Resident opportunity is a full-time, three (3) year training position. The residency program meets the detailed objectives described in the criteria for the American College of Zoological Medicine-board approved residency training programs in zoological medicine, and has been approved by the ACZM. This residency program is uniquely designed to provide the trainee exposure to ecology, epidemiology and veterinary medicine in the study of wildlife populations. The focus of the residency program is on training to assess the health, disease and environment of captive and free-ranging wildlife populations. Research will focus on methods to improve and monitor the health and well-being of these populations. The program will provide the trainee with experience in medicine and health assessment of captive and free-ranging wildlife populations, as well as training in development and execution of research, and methods in conservation medicine. Continued participation in the second and third years of the program is contingent upon successful completion of the first year. The resident will work with a variety of taxa on site at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (CMZ) and within Cleveland Metroparks, with collaborating institutions in Ohio, and within the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), and will have the potential for collaborative or corollary work with ongoing projects. The resident will be involved in ongoing regional wildlife health surveillance projects as well as identify areas and species of interest on which to focus. There is also a strong emphasis on the health of captive wildlife populations. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo animal collection provides a starting point for identification of health questions to examine, but the resident is not limited to the CMZ collection. The resident will be encouraged to look at populations within AZA institutions, and also encouraged to consider comparative and collaborative studies with zoos around the world. In addition, we have well established conservation partners in many countries. The resident will be encouraged to ask questions and develop studies aimed at wildlife health issues that concern our conservation partners. The resident will have the opportunity to work with at least eight different wildlife populations per year. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo houses a large and diverse animal collection (500 species; 3,000 individuals). In addition, the Zoo partners in research projects with Cleveland Metroparks, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Case Western Reserve University, Kent State University, The Ohio State University, The Wilds, Columbus Zoo, and other AZA institutions. Cleveland Metropark Zoo’s veterinary clinic is in compliance with the Guidelines for Zoo Veterinary Medical Programs and Veterinary Hospitals as outlined by the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians. The clinical veterinary staff is comprised of two full-time veterinarians and four veterinary technicians. The Zoo’s hospital is housed within the Sarah Allison Steffee Center for Zoological Medicine, which opened in 2004. The Sarah Allison Steffee Center for Zoological Medicine also houses a research laboratory equipped to perform radioimmunoassays and enzyme-linked immunoabsorbent assays (ELISAs). The Conservation and Science department also has the capacity to perform ELISAs as part of field research projects. This capacity facilitates research projects that would otherwise be complicated by importing biological samples from endangered species from their native countries into the United States. Computerized record keeping systems are utilized for the management of the CMZ animal collection. The resident with have access to and training in the use of MedARKS and ARKS. Nutritional analysis is also an important part of animal health management, and the resident will have access to Zootrition diet management program. Statistical analysis packages that will be available to the resident include STATA and SPSS. It is the vision of the Conservation and Science department of CMZ to serve as a center of scientific excellence by conducting research to address contemporary challenges in animal care and wildlife health and provide training for future zoo scientists. By maximizing resources and linking with key partners, CMZ continues to seek new and effective ways to encourage species-typical behavior, promote health, and provide for the welfare of zoo animals and conduct research that contributes to the enhancement of wildlife health. Qualifications: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from accredited university; two years post-graduate experience, preferably in a zoological or free-ranging wildlife setting; must have excellent time/project management and problem solving skills, as well as excellent oral, written & presentation communication skills. Licensure to practice in Ohio with full licensure required within the first year of the residency. Must have a strong, verifiable, teamwork orientation. Must also possess an Ohio driver’s license or have the ability to obtain one. Deadline for applying: Open until filled. Send résumé to: referencing position #11024 Cleveland Metroparks is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to a diverse and talented workforce

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