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American Association of Zoo Veterinarians

Infectious Disease Committee

Midyear Report 

March 23, 2010



Dear AAZV Executive committee:


The Infectious Disease Committee (IDC) is focusing on the following issues this year --


  1. Committee membership: In an effort to make the IDC more pro-active rather than reactive in both AAZV and AZA policies and activities, membership interest was actually solicited at last years’ committee meeting. In addition to the chair and co-chair, there are now 25 active members signed up to participate in committee projects.
  2. Current diseases of concern: Members present at that committee meeting felt one of the functions of the IDC was to provide information on diseases of increasing concern to the zoo and wildlife community. Towards that end a summary on MRSA was completed by committee member Tara Harrison and is now posted on both the AAZV website homepage as well as the IDC webpage. It is also the first disease fact sheet completed for the Infectious Disease Manual (IDM) and will be the template sent out to all IDM authors
  3. Infectious Disease Manual: The IDC has resurrected the IDM once again. The working title is “Infectious, parasitic, fungal, viral and prion diseases of concern to captive and free ranging animals in North America”. That ambitious project has and will consume most of the time and energy of the committee chair and co-chair as well as the committee membership over the next couple of years. The goal is to have the manual on a searchable CD, to be available by the 2011 AAZV meeting. After many reviews and revisions, a list of 164 diseases along with author instructions and the MRSA template were sent out to 89 authors. Reportable diseases will also be included in all 50 states as well as Canada.
  4. USAHA meeting – Julie Napier will be attending the meeting this year
  5. AZA Animal Health Committee meeting – Kathryn Gamble will be attending that meeting this year
  6. At the present time the federal proposed rule concerning the chronic wasting disease herd certification program and interstate movement of farmed or captive deer, elk, and moose is no longer open for input from organizations such as AAZV. The current ruling as is stands was posted through IDC member Michele Miller on the home page of the AAZV website.





Respectively submitted by


Julie Napier, chair and Kathryn Gamble, co-chair


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Yulee, FL 32097 USA

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