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Policy, Protocols, Roles & Responsibilities

Infectious Disease Committee


American Association of Zoo Veterinarians

Policy and Protocols

Purpose:  Infectious Disease Committee (IDC) of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AAZV) is created by its Executive Committee (EC) to serve the membership of AAZV and sister organizations on matters of infectious diseases that affect non-domestic animal species, free-ranging or captive, which inhabit North America. 


·       IDC was created by the Executive Committee (EC) of AAZV.

·       Chair [typically] is the preceding Co-Chair as approved by EC and serves three (3) year term.

·       Co-Chair is selected by the Chair and presented to EC for approval and serves three (3) year term concurrent with the Chair.

·       Chair or Co-Chair can be relieved of their duty due to dereliction or inappropriate function by EC; replacement will be designated by EC for the remaining term of service for the replaced chair.

·       Minimum one (1) year overlap is expected between Chair and succeeding Co-Chair to ensure committee continuity.

·       Instructions or topics for pursuit are provided to Chair by EC.

·       If AAZV membership contacts IDC on topics for pursuit, Chair is to direct these requests to EC for instruction.

·       Chair is to involve Co-Chair in duties sufficiently and correspondence inclusively to provide appropriate continuity of committee assignments and purpose.


·       All levels of AAZV membership can be an IDC member.

·       Members of any sister organization can attend the annual committee meeting.

·       Full AAZV members that are IDC members have membership requirements of fact sheet review or authorship.*


·       L(egislation)A(nimal)W(elfare) Committee: IDC may serve as expert counsel or SME to address legislation matters.

·       IDC of European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians (EAZWV) to address international collaboration on their primary purpose.

 Standing Committee Responsibilities:


·       Chair (and in their absence, or specific delegation, Co-Chair) is responsible for completion of mid-year [April] and annual [September] reports on committee activities, plans, and attended meeting minutes.

·       Chair is responsible for review of P&P details every six (6) years or at request of EC. 

 Meeting Attendance

·       Chair (and in their absence, or specific delegation, Co-Chair) is responsible for IDC leadership attendance or delegation of coverage of this role to the following annual meetings:

a)     Association of Zoo and Aquariums (AZA) – Animal Health Committee (AHC) [September]

b)     US Animal Health Association [October]

c)     AAZV EC [October]

d)     AAZV IDC [October]

   Infectious Disease Manual (IDM)

·       Document comprises the primary ongoing responsibility of IDC to EC and AAZV.

·       It was created (2010) and first published (2011) over 12-15 months of extensive collaboration.

·       Regular updates are necessary:

a)     Planned at minimum of two (2) and maximum of three (3) year intervals.

b)     Maintain currency of laboratory and treatment recommendations.

c)     Incorporation of new research to previously published diseases.

d)     Inclusion of new diseases into the document.

·       Authorship of fact sheets:

a)     Each disease has been assigned to an author at its original inclusion to the manual.

b)     This author has the ongoing responsibility:

i)               timely review of these pages – including literature search for the years preceding the revision;

ii)              submission of reviewed document for future updates;

iii)            delegation of the authorship to a new author.

c)     *Full AAZV members that have IDC membership are required to be an author of at least one (1) fact sheet or complete fact sheet reviews.

·       Review of fact sheets:  Each fact sheet requires a minimum one (1) person, non-expert review.  Full AAZV members that have IDC membership are required (if fact sheet authors) to complete five (5) fact sheet reviews and (if not authors), ten (10) fact sheet reviews.

·       Editorial responsibilities:

a)     Chair responsibilities for updates:

i)               Announcement of update on even years at time of AAZV annual conference registration

ii)              Distribution of previously authored pages to respective authors in advance of annual conference to permit confirmation of author assignments and determine availability of fact sheets for new authors

iii)            Assignment of available fact sheets to authors at annual conference meeting

iv)             Review and revision of cover sheet and table of contents

v)              Collation of final project to posting and distribution

b)     Chair or Co-Chair each supervises completion of either the disease pages or reportable disease pages.

c)     Secretarial, administrative assistance, intern or volunteer assistance for coordination of these duties is encouraged strongly.

·       IDM Distribution

a)     Once final document is completed and reviewed, Chair provides final update announcement to EC with update and request for permission to distribute the new version in advance of the annual meeting in odd years.

b)     Once permission is received, posting of the new draft is completed:

i)               AAZV website through website manager

ii)              Pro-Med announcement

iii)            AAZV list-serve announcement

iv)             EAZWV list-serve announcement

NB:  Historic assignment to IDC included Veterinary Advisory Group administration and re-certification.  As of this P&P submission, this service was disbanded by parental group of AZA.  If and when VAG is re-established, its activities are to be coordinated by a secondary IDC Co-Chair appointed by the IDC chair.

Submitted: Kathryn C. Gamble, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACZM (Chair 2011-14)
Reviewed: Meredith C. Clancy, DVM (Co-Chair 2011-14)



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