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SPC Mid Yr 2012 Report

AAZV COMMITTEE/OFFICE Scientific Program Committee (SPC)  Mid Year 2012 Report

Name Nadine Lamberski:
Address San Diego Zoo Safari Park, 15500 San Pasqual Valley Road, Escondido, CA 92027
Phone (Work) 760-291-5406 (Home) 760-522-3066 FAX 760-747-3168

Name Michael Adkesson: Presenting report and attending midyear meeting
Address Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo, 3300 Golf Road, Brookfield, IL 60513
Phone (Work) 708-688-8503 (Home) 630-660-0527 FAX 708-688-7503

Local Host: Drs. Karen Emmanuelson and Andrea Goodnight:,
President-elect: Paul Calle:
Vice President: Doug Armstrong:
Jessica Siegal-Willott:,
Deena Brenner:


Continue to develop committee structure and function
Organize scientific program and workshops for 2012 Annual Conference
Transition responsibility for the conference survey from the Member Services Committee to the SPC by 2012
Revise the ACUC process
Work with Omnipress to refine the online submittal process
Development and implementation of an online AAZV member survey


2012 Workshops (see attached spreadsheet for more detail) :

TB certification
Oiled bird care
Endoscopy (ARAV)
Hoof trimming/foot care
Advances in Amphibian Medicine (ARAV/AAZV)
Invert handling and medicine (ARAV/AAZV)
Zoo & Wildlife Pathology
Introduction to clinical anatomy and skills in pinniped practice
Free-ranging disease investigation
Clinical techniques: Avian orthopedics

Scientific program sessions (times are approximate and may change): 235 submissions!

Poster Session:
Nick Kapustin, co-chairs Anneke Moresco, Marc Valitutto
Monday AM:
Conference opening 745-810
Anesthetic Challenges 810-1000
Greg Fleming,
BREAK (Visit Posters) 1000-1045
Applied Zoological Analgesia 1045-1200
Kurt Sladky, co-chair Betsy Stringer
Monday PM
“Future of our Profession” 130-330
Mike Adkesson, co-chair Karen Kearns
BREAK 330-400
New frontiers in zoo medicine 400-515
Mads Bertelson, co-chair Rachel Thompson
Student Reception 530-
Tuesday AM:
Tips, Tricks, and Case Reports 800-945
Tracy Clippinger, co-chair Christian Wenger
BREAK (Visit Posters) 945-1030
Wildlife Medicine Successes 1030-1200
Sharon Deem, co-chair Ezequiel Hidalgo
Tuesday PM – zoo day
Wednesday AM
Joint AAZV/ARAV: Reptiles and Amphibians 800-945
Matt Allender, Rob Coke (ARAV)
BREAK (Visit Exhibit Hall) 945-1030
Joint AAZV/ARAV: Reptiles and Amphibians 1030-1145
Matt Allender, Rob Coke
Wednesday PM:
Hoofstock 115-300
Julie Napier. co-chair Cobus Raath
BREAK (Visit Exhibit Hall) 300-345
Pathology, Parasitology, and Laboratory Diagnostics 345-515
Jean Paré, co-chair Dale Smith
Thursday AM
Aquatics 800-930
Allison Tuttle, co-chair Daniel Garcia-Parraga
BREAK (Visit Exhibit Hall) 930-1015
Animal welfare and management issues 1015-1115
Mark Lloyd, co-chair Arne Lawrenz
Allied organization programs (AZA, USDA, ISIS, etc.) 1115-1215
Clay Hilton, co-chair Pam Dennis
Thursday PM
Interdisciplinary Advancements in Medicine and Surgery 145-315
Nadine Lamberski and Deena Brenner
BREAK (Visit Exhibit Hall) 315-400
Carnivores and primates 400-530
PK Robbins
Friday AM
Avian 800-930
Kathryn Gamble. Co-chair Jaime Samour 
BREAK 930-1000
Joint AEMV/AAZV: Charismatic microvertebrates 1000-1200
Joanne Paul-Murphy, (AEMV co-chair)

Omnipress Challenges / Scientific Program issues to resolve for 2012-2013
Communication with students - ensure that it is clear that students are either accepted or not excepted into the competition (may be moved to Case Reports)
Ensure that no more than 2 presentations are accepted from the same presenter
Missing abstracts from 2010 need to be added to the 2012 Proceedings
Refine the method by which our session chairs can access submissions to their sessions, while still allowing SPC to oversee development of a cohesive scientific program that contains presentations of a uniform high quality (SPC ability to adjust session lengths, number of talks in a session, reallocate talks to best session, etc.)
Improve methods for submission to multiple sessions
Improve the integration of a “Student/post-grad competition” session (if this practice is continued in 2013) – improved ability to isolate these talks for “first round judging” and submission of abstracts for judges
Improve the integration of poster submissions (challenges with set-up this year that need minor website fixes)
Consider a move to full abstract submission vs. initial call for titles to improve our session chairs ability to fairly select talks
Consider moving towards a mixture of “open” sessions and a few “recruited” sessions.  How will we incorporate Omnipress into this process to still handle abstract submission/review (two approaches being used in 2012, SPC will evaluate the success of both)
Consider open call for paper without defined sessions (IAAAM, ARAV model) and development of program based on submissions (trying this in 2012 with AAZV/ARAV joint sessions)
Discuss with Omnipress our need for improved data export (excel formats, “scrubbed” data, etc.) and identify if they can meet our needs
Identify a better method to handle sessions that are intended to be joint with another organization (significant challenges with joint ARAV and AEMV sessions this year)
SPC will track # total submissions, # accepted, # rejected so we can compare year to year
Workshop Challenges
Created spreadsheet to track supplies that are left over from year to year and also to track where we purchase supplies
Working on 2013 workshops – great apes and ultrasound under negotiations

SPC Committee rotation revised (see below) at request of SPC members (NL to stay through 2013).

Conference Manual – Initial edits that incorporate the SPC roles have been made. Additional edits related to the Omnipress experience this year will be made after the conference.

Conference Format Ideas – Board input requested
More invited speakers (e.g. Avery Bennet giving a work shop and invited talk)
More topic based sessions (to improve CE content)
Submit full abstracts instead of just titles so session chairs have more info to make decisions
ARAV model – determine sessions after submission or WDA model – theme conference and then request papers or AAVZ model – determine sessions but no overall theme and ask people to submit to a particular session


Have taken over responsibility for the conference survey from the Member Services Committee
Need to finalize edits to conference manual following the 2011 meeting but need to update sections involving the on-line submission process (Omnipress) and ACUC procedures (Appendix 19 and 20)
Need to add appendices to conference manual: Workshop spreadsheet, SWAG, expense report form, proforma sheets, instructions to session chairs, Omnipress process,“How to give an effective presentation”, etc.
Survey members, session chairs, and workshop chairs about ways to improve our conference program – in process using Survey Monkey
Add committee structure and rotation to manual
Develop clear guidelines (with dates) of what things are needed for any organization that is meeting with us – no action yet

SPC Chair
SPC Co-Chair
Local Host
Vice President
SPC Scientific Program Coordinator
SPC Workshop Coordinator
SPC Committee Member

Local Host, President-elect, and Vice President rotate annually.
Once the SPC is stable, the intent is to have members commit to 5 years on the committee.
Attendance at the meeting is required during years 2 and 3.
Year 2 attendance will be for 2-3 days to oversee the workshops (compensation provided).
Year 3 attendance will be for the entire conference to oversee the program (compensation provided).
Each year, one person rotates off the committee and a new person joins.
SPC members nominate a new member from the AAZV membership at large and decision made by consensus of the SPC
The rotation starts with a new member on the committee, then rotates to SPC Workshop Coordinator, then SPC Scientific Program Coordinator, then Co-chair, and finally Chair before rotating off the committee.
Proposed rotation revised from 2011:

SPC Chair SPC Co-Chair SPC Scientific Program Coordinator (must attend conference) SPC Workshop Coordinator (must attend workshops) SPC Member
2013 NL MA JSW DB New Member (1)
2014 MA JSW DB Member (1) year #2 New Member (2)
2015 JSW DB Member (1) year #3 Member (2) year #2 New Member (3)
2016 DB Member (1) year #4 Member (2) year # 3 Member (3)
2ear #2 New member (4)

SPC Chair
Oversees committee conference calls/meetings
Provides direction for the committee
Attends or appoints someone to attend the AAZV midyear and annual Board meetings
Completes and submits the midyear and final reports to the AAZB Board
Serves as Board liaison
Assists with updating the conference manual annually
SPC Co-Chair
Works closely with both the scientific program and workshop coordinators and assists as needed
Updates the conference manual based on recent experiences
Other duties as designated by the chair
SPC Scientific Program Coordinator
Refer to conference manual for specific duties
Oversees development of the scientific program
For 2012, there will be considerable participation of President-elect as this is a new function for this committee.
Must be familiar with the Omnipress procedures (with assistance from President-elect in 2012)
Works closely with the President-elect to develop the conference program (see manual for specific duties)
Adheres to all deadlines
Identify session topics
Identify session chairs
Assists with Call for Papers
Liaison for Omnipress
Assists Conference Assistant in developing the program booklet
Identifies AV needs
Coordinates student volunteers with Education Committee
Assists with updating the conference manual annually
Other tasks as assigned
SPC Workshop Coordinator
Refer to conference manual for specific duties
Oversees development and execution of the work shops
Works closely with the Vice President on developing workshops (see manual for specific duties)
Adheres to all deadlines
Determines topics
Identify instructors
Notify instructors of AAZV policies and procedures (agreement letter, ACUC, expense report, etc)
Provides workshop descriptions to the Executive Director
Coordinates lab space
Determine expenses and costs for the labs
Determines AV needs
Determines transportation needs
Determines need for student volunteers and coordinates with Education Committee
Works with representatives for “sister” organizations for joint conferences (or something like that – trying to capture working with ARAV, AAZV, WDA, etc)…
Creates a final report and updates the spreadsheet after the conference
Assists with updating the conference manual annually
Other tasks as assigned
SPC Member
Read through the conference manual
Assists the Work Shop Coordinator primarily but participates in all other committee activities
Reviews draft of workshop and conference survey formats and makes any changes prior to the annual meeting
Reviews annual workshop and conference survey results and makes recommendations to SPC based on those comments
Assists with updating the conference manual annually
Development of member survey (for 2012) accessible through AAZV listserve prior to 2012 conference. Goal is to obtain feedback and ideas from member base to improve annual conference
Other tasks as assigned


581705 White Oak Road
Yulee, FL 32097 USA

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