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AAZV Research Committee Meeting Report

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Research Committee

Scott Citino

Sharon Deem

Kathryn Gamble

Craig Harms

Bruce Rideout

Kurt Sladky

Mark Stetter

Barb Wolfe

The committee met via conference call to review and discuss the 27 grant proposals submitted for 2012.  The committee created a proposal rating form (see attached) which all members utilized.  A primary and secondary reviewer was assigned for each proposal and they were charged with in-depth proposal evaluation and presentation of this proposal to the committee.  Everyone on the committee read all 27 proposals, but the primary and secondary reviewers led the discussion and were responsible for sharing their comments with the rest of the committee.  To date, the proposals have been ranked and the $50K designated for this inaugural year will allow funding for 6 of the 27 proposals.

When the evaluations were completed, the committee continued the conference call to analyze and review the evaluation process.  All agreed that the process went well and will become the standard moving forward.  A variety of small issues was identified and will help guide efficiencies and set goals for future grant evaluation.  These include the following:

·      Purchase of capital equipment will not be funded (capital equipment was defined at greater than $2K purchase)

·      Purchase of tablets and/or computers will not be funded

·      All equipment purchases listed in the budget must be critical to the project and must include justification

·      Salaries will not be funded.  The only exceptions will be technical support, student support (including lab techs and in-country student hours) and costs for statistical analysis associated primarily with the project.  No salaries for PI’s or Co PI’s will be funded

·      No fringe benefits will be funded

·      Manuscript preparation or publication will not be funded

·      Institutional overhead will not be funded

·      No more than 25% of the total budget can be allocated for travel.

2. AAZV Research Committee Meeting Report

In future, the AAZV Research Committee will require more stringent itemization of budget costs as well as the calculations used to arrive at totals (several committee members offered examples of appropriate budget breakdown that may be used as models).

The committee will add language to the application stating that funds requested from other organizations must be included in the budget, whether or not they’ve been awarded.

The AAZV Research Committee will award a check for 75% of the overall cost for each approved proposal at the beginning of the project.  Upon completion and submission of a final report, the remaining 25% will be awarded.  Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.  For these situations, 100% of the funding request will be awarded at the beginning of the project.

Due to some confusion regarding the order of documents within the application, the committee clarified that CV’s will be attached at the end of the application only.

The evaluation score sheet will be amended to include the name of the PI, the title of the proposal, the overall ranking score, the total budget and amount requested from AAZV.

In future, primary and secondary reviewers will initiate their assessment with a short verbal synopsis of their evaluation in order to save time and quickly eliminate the weakest of the proposals from general discussion.

In future, the committee may consider adding an epidemiologist, a statistician, a geneticist, a nutritionist and other specialties that were not essential to ratings in 2012, but may be useful in the years ahead.

In future, use of current forms for evaluating each proposal will not be required and a summary sheet will be created and distributed to the committee.  The long versions of the forms will be filled out only by the primary and secondary reviewers.

For those proposals that raise any animal welfare or animal use questions, the policies and standards of the JZWM will be adhered to.  This will be in addition to requiring an IACUC approval.

Mark Stetter will be resigning in 2012 and pass his responsibilities as chairperson to Barb Wolfe.  An associate chairperson will be named from the current members of the committee and a new member will be selected to join the committee.


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