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Black-footed Cat Gamete Rescue

Handling of Small Cat Reproductive Tissue for Gamete Rescue

Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden


  • Oocytes remain viable in the ovary for ~24 h including time of shipment.ÊTissue from females found >12 h after death should be sent directly to Dr. Karen Terio.
  • Spermatozoa will remain viable for slightly longer depending on temperature.ÊTissues from males can be used if found within ~18 h, if ambient temperature is 30¡ C.


  • Gonads from Pallas cats will only be useful if recovered November thru April due to their reproductive seasonality.


  • As soon as possible after death, remove the ovaries or testes.ÊFor testes, please include most of the spermatic cord.
  • Place the gonads in a clean, preferably sterile, container (specimen cup, ziplock bag, test tube, etc.) and cover with enough sterile saline to keep the tissue moist in transit.


  • Place the samples in a small styrofoam cooler along with 1-2 ice packs.ÊWrap the ice packs in several layers of paper towel so the samples do not get cooler than ~5¡ C.ÊExcess space can be filled with styrofoam pellets or bubble wrap, but do not leave too much space between the samples and the ice packs.
  • Notify

Jason Herrick (Post-Doc,, 513-569-8208)
Bill Swanson (Head of Animal Conservation,, 513-569-8213)
Helen Bateman (Research Associate,, 513-569-8210), or Jennifer Bond (Laboratory Technician,, 513-569-8209)

BEFORE shipment.

**If the samples are from pre-pubertal animals, we may request that they be sent to other researchers.**

Ship the samples Priority Overnight via FedEx.

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