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USDA has added a new requirement regarding a disaster plan for USDA-licensed facilities.  Under the rule, APHIS will require facilities to develop a plan.  The contingency plan will need to:
  • identify types of emergencies common in the local area;
  • identify common emergencies that could occur at their particular type of facility;
  • outline specific tasks that the facility staff will undertake in an emergency situation;
  • establish a clear chain of command for all employees to follow;
  • identify materials and resources that are available at that facility or elsewhere; and
  • ensure that all pertinent employees are trained on the plan
Further details can be found at the website below.  Please encourage all of your facilities to use this as an opportunity to review and improve their existing plans or to generate a plan.  If you need help developing a plan for any of your facilities, please do not hesitate to visit any of the links provided on our committee webpage or to email the committee chair or co-chair directly and they will try to direct you to other resources (including AAZV members) that can help.


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