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From Construction to Wildlife

A non profit wildlife organization of zoo and wildlife veterinarians plays a vital role in global conservation efforts.

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Thermal imaging plays a significant role in assessing animal welfare

Infrared thermography (IRT) is an imaging tool that has been used in a range of industries; to assess insulation in buildings, look for electrical system problems and to enhance shipping container security. Over the past two decades, IRT has also found utility in the medical field, and has been used to identify causes for lameness in horses and measure thermoregulation in pinnepeds.

Thermography is ideally suited for detection of inflammation, and works by detecting very small temperature differences in the surface of the skin. In 2010, a report was published showing that IRT images could be used to identify bumblefoot in domestic chickens, even before the problem was apparent clinically.

Zoo and wildlife veterinarians use noninvasive diagnostic tools to identify early stages of diseases and measure the benefits of medical or surgical treatments. Recognition of health trends in animals is key to successful outcomes.


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