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Global conservation efforts can be strengthened with essential veterinary care.  One significant problem that limits conservation efforts is the limited amount of health information on our wildlife friends.  Daily, zoo and wildlife veterinarians treat health problems in animals similar to those that occur in wildlife populations threatened by encroachment, malnutrition, environmental pollutants and epidemics from domestic animals and humans.  Animal health studies by zoo and wildlife veterinarians will eliminate the unknowns to better care for all wildlife populations.  


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Leading to Scientific Discoveries

Did you know that infectious diseases plays a large role in the decline in the amphibian population?  Read about this project and other projects funded by The Wild Animal Health Fund to understand why these studies are so desperately needed.  


Comparison of ranaviruses from reptiles and amphibians 


Osmotic pumps used for faster recovery in birds


Thermal Imaging for the detection of inflammation to assess animal welfare




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