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Editor Position Description




Primary Responsibilities and Qualifications:

The position will have primary responsibility for the publication of the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (JZWM), a quarterly scientific, peer-reviewed publication with a circulation of approximately 1,400. The JZWM is published by the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AAZV), and is the official journal of the AAZV and the European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians (EAZWV). The Editor will work under the guidance of the JZWM Operations Committee, which reports to the AAZV Executive Board. The position can be based at the successful applicant’s home institution. The Editor will be paid as an independent contractor. Pay is in the range of $20,000 to $25,000, depending on experience. Preference will be given to candidates with a DVM/VMD degree and a strong interest and experience in the field of zoological medicine. The Editor should have a breadth of understanding of the various disciplines encountered within the fields of zoo and wildlife medicine and have a solid record of scientific publications. The expected term of office is a minimum of five years.


Editor Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of the Editor are:

1.    Maintenance of Correspondences via Email

a.    Address Author/potential Author inquiries regarding JZWM;

b.    Facilitate correspondences between Authors and Associate Editors;

c.     Respond to Letters to the Editor from individual parties;

d.    Investigate disputes in submissions/publications for the JZWM;

e.    Address Associate Editor inquiries;

f.      Address Reviewer inquiries;

g.    Maintain correspondences with Allen Press and Allen Track Support;

h.    Facilitate correspondences between JZWM and AAZV regarding author payments;

i.      Maintain correspondences with academic institutions and scientific societies regarding JZWM;

j.      Investigate requests for release of copyrights and publication of JZWM;

k.     Facilitate communication between Editor and Associate Editors;

l.      Facilitate communication with other organizations including EAZWV and American College of Zoological Medicine for JZWM announcements; and

m.  Other correspondences as required.


2.    Maintenance of Online Manuscript Website

a.    Daily monitoring of manuscript correspondence;

b.    Performance of Initial Quality Check of manuscripts;

c.     Review of returned Initial Quality Check manuscripts;

d.    Acceptance of Submitted Manuscripts;

e.    Assignment of Manuscripts to Associate Editors;

f.      Evaluation of completed Peer-Review Manuscripts;

g.    Performance of Initial Quality Check of Revised Manuscripts;

h.    Monitoring and ensuring the fairness, timeliness and thoroughness of the peer-review editorial process;

i.      Continuous monitoring, mentoring and coaching of Associate Editors;

j.      Maintenance and Recording of Copyright Release Forms;

k.     Review of Final Disposition of Manuscripts;

l.      Preparation and Set of Manuscripts for Production;

m.  Review Annual Production Timelines and Guidelines; and 

n.    Other functions as needed for facilitating manuscripts through the review process.


3.    Preparation of Journal Issue

a.    Preparation of Issue Composition and Table of Content Line-up

                                               i.     Review Articles

                                             ii.     Articles

                                            iii.     Case Reports

                                            iv.     Brief Communications

                                              v.     Clinical Challenges

b.    Preparation of Issue Indexes and Correlation with Page Numbering

                                               i.     Key words

                                             ii.     Author

                                            iii.     Reviewers

c.     Preparation and Review of Additional Features

                                               i.     Meeting Announcements

                                             ii.     Abstracts

                                            iii.     Book Reviews

                                            iv.     Announcements

                                              v.     Advertisements

d.    Other functions as needed for timely issue production


4.    Assurance and Compliance of Journal Record Keeping

a.    Maintenance and Recording of Copyright Release forms;

b.    Maintenance and Recording of Color Plate Charge Acceptance forms; and

c.     Maintenance of Release of Copyright forms from Sources for Journal Publication


5.    Assist in the Preparation of JZWM Editorial Board Reports

a.    Annual JZWM Editorial Report; and

b.    Mid-year JZWM Editorial Report


6.    Attendance at Publication-based Meetings to Ensure Journal Quality/Review of Scientific Resources for Journal Publication/Compliance of Standards

a.    International Veterinary Journal Editors Meeting;

b.    Society for Scholarly Publishing; and

c.     Council of Science Editors


7.    Attendance at Meetings

a.    Attendance at AAZV Annual Meetings; and Attendance at EAZWV Annual Meetings as needed.


8.    Review and Maintenance of JZWM in Available Databases

a.    BioOne Feature Articles

b.    Library of Congress


9.    Assist the Chair of the Editorial Board

a.    Policy and Procedure Development


10.  Other Duties as Needed

a.    Provide Recommendations for Editorial Formatting for Consistencies among AAZV Publications.


Applications will be accepted through 30 June, 2015.  Please submit a letter of application, along with a CV to:  Please state in the subject line: JZWM Editor Application.

Interested individuals may contact Mads Bertelsen (MFB@ZOO.DK) or Eric Miller ( for further information.







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