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Cross pollination and/or collaboration can open doors to many wonders.

By chance, the Association of Medical Illustrators' Annual Meeting coincided with the AAZV/EAZWV/IZW meeting in Atlanta in July.  Organizers from both associations got together and agreed on a plan for cross pollination of the groups.  The coordinated crossover consisted of a powerful visual presentation by AMI members and open invites to attend each others conference sessions.  The AMI presentation had samples of their veterinary/zoological-themed illustrations which were outstanding visuals.  

Another treat provided by AMI was for our attendees to attend their peer-juried exhibit of professional Medical Illustration and Animation – called the AMI Salon.  In the Salon the best examples of medical and biological illustration, animation, and cutting-edge medical simulation were featured. Topics covered everything from cellular and molecular biology/medicine, to veterinary medicine and surgery, to medical-legal exhibits for courtroom visuals.

Medical illustration is a small field with fewer than an estimated 2,000 trained practitioners in the world. Yet, medical illustration is also a diverse field with most professionals developing specialties. Some specialize by subject matter, such as surgery, veterinary medicine, or ophthalmology. Others specialize by media, such as computer animation or the making of three-dimensional models. Others specialize by targeting specific markets such as medical publishing, pharmaceutical advertising, or medical-legal work. Medical illustrators develop considerable knowledge and expertise within their specialty and become an integral part of the production team. Some medical illustrators are authors and co-authors of textbooks or articles in which they've made major contributions to the content.

Kip Carter, Chief of Medical Illustration Services at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, stated "I hope they enjoyed the visuals. Many of our members also sat in on your presentations as well. I believe this collaboration was a resounding success and look forward to future opportunities with your organization."

It is easy to locate a veterinary medical illustrator in any region of the country by clicking on “Find a Medical Illustrator” at the top of the homepage, select the Subject Specialties: Veterinary Medicine. 


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