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Effects of Urbanization on White Ibis
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The White Ibis have become abundant in urban parks, often relying on human handouts and becoming habituated to people. As natural habitats for wildlife are destroyed and more wildlife adapt to urban landscapes, two major concerns in the coming decades will be i) how the use of urban habitats by wildlife affects infectious disease processes, and ii) whether urban areas are sources or sinks for wildlife populations. 


Funded by the Wild Animal Health Fund, the study, "Investigating the Effects of Urbanization on the White Ibis through Integrative Assessment Stress and Immune Function Markers" had proposed their work to directly address both of these applied issues of concern, and the findings are being disseminated to both local cities where White Ibis occur and to the broader scientific and conservation communities.


Dr. Sonia Hernandez and a team of scientist have presented their story in the following video. 


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