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SSP/TAG:  Guenon    DATE:    2004-7 


Name:     Natalie Mylniczenko   e-mail: 

Address:  Brookfield Zoo, 3300 Golf Rd, Brookfield, Illinois 60513       

Phone: (day) 708-688-8505 (evening)   (FAX) 708-485-0269 

MORBIDITY (Significant illnesses/issues facing this species 2004-2007): 


Blue monkey (n=1)

Syles monkey (n=3)

Schmidt’s guenon (n=1) 

Intention tremors associated with elevated selenium, resolved

Sykes monkey (n=1) 

Colonic polyps

Sykes monkey (n=1) 

Irritable bowel disease

Diana monkey (n=1) 

Enteritis: Shigella/yersinia

Wolf’s guenon (n=1) 

Elevated liver enzymes, unknown etiology, lost to follow up

Blue monkey (n=1) 

Tail tip necrosis (frost bite)

Wolf’s guenon (n=1) 

Toxin ingestion, suspected

Diana monkey (n=1) 

Trauma due to conspecific aggression

Swamp monkey (n=1) 

Fracture radius

Diana monkey (n=1) 


Mona monkey (n=1) 

Blepharitis, suspected allergy

Crowned (Grey’s) (n=1) 


Diana monkey (n=1) 

Urinary tract infection

Diana monkey (n=1) 

MORTALITY (Causes of death in 2004-2007):

Cause of Death     SB #   Sex  Age 

Bronchointerstitial pneumonia     1.0  19d

Diana monkey (n=1) 

Dilated cardiomyopathy:      1.0

DeBrazza (n=1)        

Cardiomyopathy       1.0

Diana monkey (n=1) 

Myocardial fibrosis (mild), acute systemic shock,   1.0  18.5y

Mild renal tubular necrosis

Diana monkey (n=1) 

Myocardial fibrosis (severe)     1.0

Rhabdomyolysis, steatitis

Diana monkey (n=1) 

Cirrhotic liver; gingivitis

DeBrazza monkey (n=1)      1.0 

Yersinia pseudotuberculosis      0.1

Spot nosed guenon (n=1) 

P. multocida septicemia secondary to    0.1  1y 4m 14d 
coronavirus enteritis

DeBrazza (n=1) 

Otitis (complications with)

Blue monkey (n=1) 

Pregnancy toxemia, bacterial septicemia:    0.1  
blue monkey (n=1)

Head trauma

DeBrazza (n=1) 

Stroke, suspected; DJD, facial nerve paralysis, diarrhea

DeBrazza (n=1) 

Obesity/cardiovascular collapse     1.0  16y

Diana monkey (n=1) 


Blue monkey

Males:   Females:   Unknown:

DeBrazza monkey

Males:  2  Females: 1  Unknown:

Diana monkey

Males:  1  Females:   Unknown: 1

Mona monkey

Males:  1  Females: 3  Unknown: 1

Schmidt’s (spot nosed) guenon

Males:   Females:   Unknown: 1

Allen’s Swamp monkey

Males: 1  Females: 1  Unknown:

Crowned (Grey’s) guenon

Males:   Females: 1  Unknown:  

Schmidt’s (spot nosed) guenon

Number of pairs recommended for breeding: 2

Number of pairs bred: 1

Number of births: 2

      MALES:  mother-reared: 1   hand-reared:

      FEMALES: mother-reared:   hand-reared:

      UNKNOWN: mother-reared:1  


Number of pairs recommended for breeding: 1

Number of pairs bred: 2

Number of births:  3

      MALES:  mother-reared: 2   hand-reared:

      FEMALES: mother-reared: 1  hand-reared:

      UNKNOWN: mother-reared:  

Mona monkey

Number of pairs recommended for breeding: 0

Number of pairs bred: 0

Number of births:  4

      MALES:  mother-reared: 1  hand-reared:

      FEMALES: mother-reared: 3 hand-reared:

      UNKNOWN: mother-reared:  


Number of pairs recommended for breeding: 2

Number of pairs bred: 2

Number of births:  2

      MALES:  mother-reared: 1   hand-reared:

      FEMALES: mother-reared: 1  hand-reared:

      UNKNOWN: mother-reared:   

ANESTHESTIC PROTOCOLS (Please list successful and unsuccessful protocols):  

Ketamine alone (10-17 mg/kg)

      Add midazolam 0.16 mg/kg

Medetomidine (25-60 ug/kg) and ketamine (3.5-7 mg/kg)

Ketamine/valium, minor complications reported (regurgitation, rough inductions)

Telazol (2-5 mg/kg)


VACCINE RECOMMENDATIONS (Vaccine reactions, new vaccines to be considered): 

Institutions have administered: 
No vaccines


Tetanus toxoid

Measles (one institution)

Pneumoccal (one institution) 

CONTRACEPTION (Methods used, successes, failures): 


MGA implant (successful)

Vasectomy, castration

Depo-provera 6.5 mg/kg (1 unsuccessful, 1 successful)

MGA implant (3 successful) 


VIRAL TESTING (tests performed): 

SIV    Positives reported (DeBrazza, Swamp)*

SFV   Positives reported (DeBrazza, Swamp, Sykes)

STLV   Positives reported (Sykes)

HSV-1   Negative 

HSV-2   Negative

Measles   Positives reported (Crowned, Swamp, Schmidt’s)

SA6   Positives reported (DeBrazza, Diana, Schmidt’s, Swamp)

SA8    Positives reported (Schmidt’s)

EBV   Positives reported (DeBrazza, Diana, Swamp, Sykes)

SRV   Positives reported (DeBrazza*, Swamp)

Herpes B  Negative

V/Z   Positives reported (Diana, Swamp*)

CMV   Positives reported (Crowned)

*False positive or suspect false 




Animals that have diabetes are being managed with dietary restriction of sugars.  


Insulin glargine is being used at two institutions with good success for managing diabetes. It provides a once a day injection versus the twice daily injections that are common.  






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