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Welcome to the Career Center, hosted by AAZV

The AAZV community offers a career center that allows you to post your resume (members only), browse career categories, search job postings, apply directly for some online postings, subscribe to receive email notifications of new openings in your fields of interest, as well as subscribe to RSS career feeds. You will have a peer community to turn to for support and encouragement as well as leads.


If you are interested in placing a job posting within this community, you MUST first purchase the AAZV Job Bank Posting from the Online Store.  For all new job postings, there is a $100 charge.  Add it to your cart and check out. This results in an invoice for the transaction with a link to submit the posting.  Postings that are purchased by members who are signed in will be linked to the member's profile and accessible from their profile management page.  Non-members who purchase postings will receive the link on the paid invoice.

Please note, if you are paying by check, the link on the invoice or in the email confirmation will not be accessible until the check is received in the AAZV office.

Once on the Career Center page, continue with selecting the icon at the top of the page, "Submit an Opening", complete the appropriate fields, then enter "Submit".

PLEASE BE SURE TO SET THE APPROPRIATE POST OPENING FOR YOUR EXPIRATION DATE. The expiration date cannot exceed 6 months, at which time the listing will be taken down from the site.

***If at any time you need to edit the posting as a member, go to "Manage Profile/Career Center." If a non-member, use the link given in the confirmation email and enter in the invoice number along with your email address.

There is no charge to extend the job posting another 6 months from the initial expiration date, if the job opportunity remains unfilled. If possible, please contact us before the post expires if you wish to extend the post another 6 months.

If the job opening is filled, but then a short time later becomes available within the same year, the posting will then be considered a NEW posting, and should be resubmitted as a new posting, with the accompanying posting fee.



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