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Memorandum of Agreement

American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians (AAWV)
and the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AAZV), dated 11 October 2005

The AAWV and AAZV have a number of common goals and concerns.  Both organizations have a commitment to supporting and improving the health and conservation of wildlife.  Many members of both organizations have similar backgrounds and veterinary training as well as professional and philosophical interests and commitments.  A significant number of veterinarians, and a significant percentage of the members of each organization, belong to both organizations.  AAWV and AAZV have a jointly appointed representative on two key committees of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).  The AAWV and AAZV have met jointly on a number of occasions, notably in 1988, 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001 and 2004.  AAWV and AAZV have considered various forms of affiliation and merger, and in 2004 sixty one percent of AAWV members voted a preference for affiliating with AAZV.  This was less than the 2/3 majority required for changing the AAWV Constitution and Bylaws, but it prompted both organizations to consider how to consolidate relationships and affiliations and promote mutual interests of their members.  For those reasons the officers of AAWV and AAZV are committing their respective organizations to the following memorandum of agreement (MOA).

For five years, beginning October 15, 2005, and renewable in 5 year increments thereafter, AAWV and AAZV will jointly support a formal relationship outlined by this MOA.

AAWV and AAZV will meet together regularly with officers of each organization encouraged to attend meetings of the other organization. 

During scheduled joint meetings of the AAWV and AAZV, meeting rooms will be made available to conduct the business of each respective organization and for committees to convene.       

The AAWV and the AAZV will conduct regular business meetings which will be open to all officers of either organization.  Officers of both organizations will be informed of meeting times and locations, and will be copied on pertinent communications. 

Workshops and plenary sessions at the annual meeting will be coordinated by the AAZV Vice President and president-elect (respectively) who will invite program development and workshop sponsorship from AAWV.   

An Associate Editor for "Conservation and Free Ranging Wildlife” will be selected to assist the Editor of the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine by joint agreement of the two organizations.

The vice-president of AAWV will chair an AAZV "Committee on Wildlife Health and Conservation” (Definition attached) and work within the AAZV structure to promote the shared goals of AAWV and AAZV regarding health, welfare and conservation of free-ranging wildlife and their ecosystems.

The Infectious Disease Committee of the AAZV shall consist of membership that includes at least one representative from AAWV, chosen according to the rules and bylaws of that organization.

AAWV and AAZV will continue to work together within other large organizations in which they have mutual interests (AVMA, USAHA, etc).  AAWV and AAZV will continue to cooperate in jointly selecting members to serve on key AVMA committees to represent zoo/wildlife veterinarians and will continue to cooperate in efforts to get a joint position in the AVMA House of Delegates.

Both organization commit to the open and mutually supportive exchange of ideas as outlined above and in a variety of other venues and to working together to resolve any conflicts that may arise.

This Agreement is intended to further the mutual professional and philosophical interests of the AAWV and AAZV. However both organizations are and continue to be separate and independent legal entities.  Both organizations and their servants, agents, and employees shall not act or represent themselves as an agent for the other.  Both organizations agree to hold each other harmless. This Agreement does not establish or imply any duty or responsibility to the other pertaining to the internal operation of the other; neither party can enter into contracts for the other or oversee the finances of the other.  Neither party is liable to third parties for acts or omissions of the other organization.  Neither party can formally use the name or the other--except as agreed herein.

This agreement can be ended by either party by providing 60 days advance written notice to the other.


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