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Legislation and Policy Committee

Chair: Jack Kottwitz
Co-Chair: Donna Ialeggio

Standing Committee Activities:

Committee Membership - 42 AAZV members (Go to online group page)
Federal Register Review - Donna Ialeggio
Federal Register Action Items: Dennis Schmitt
AZA Legislature Liaison: __________
AAZV Wet Lab ACUC Review - Sub-Committee: Donna Ialeggio, Mike Selig, Dennis Schmitt, Beth Bicknese 

The AAZV Legislative and Policy Committee chair serves as a member of the AAZV Executive Board. The co-chair assists the chair and will succeed the chair.

The AAZV Legislative and Policy Committee is concerned with a broad range of regulatory and animal welfare issues relevant to the AAZV.  The objective of this committee is to monitor animal welfare and regulatory issues that are of concern to the AAZV, and provide analyses and position statements when appropriate.  As regulatory and animal welfare matters are often closely linked, they are considered together in the same committee.  Areas of interest for this committee extend beyond the proximate concerns of zoological institutions, and include issues that affect the welfare of wild animals in a variety of private, public, and institutional settings.  This committee also has an interest in regulatory issues that affect the veterinary and wildlife professions in general.  Where appropriate, alliances with organizations with complementary interests, including the Association of Zoo and Aquariums and various veterinary associations are formed.  

Audiences for position statements and proposed regulations include governmental entities, veterinary organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the public.  Areas that are monitored include animal welfare standards for wildlife, foreign animal disease regulations, drug regulations, public health, and veterinary/animal health legislation.

AAZV Legislative and Policy committee members will also form a sub-committee to review internal AAZV Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) documents.

Committee News: 

Three wet-labs were assessed with the new ACUC form. The new form is improved from the prior versions and digital signatures were accepted.

A letter was generated and sent to the Animal Care division of APHIS stating AAZV should have a role to fill in development of Ethologically Appropriate Standards and look forward to providing feedback if it moves on to a ruling develop phase.

AAZV Position Statements

To review AAZV's guidelines on the production of Position Statements, click HERE

2010 AAZV Great Ape Protection Act (GAPA) 2011 AAZV Avian Influenza 2011 AAZV Importation of Live Birds
2011 AAZV Non-Human Primate Importation 2012 AAZV Chimp Endangered Split Listing 2012 AAZV Chronic Waste Disease
2017 Recommendations for the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of Tuberculosis in Elephants in Human Care
2013 AAZV Swine Brucellosis and PRV 2015 Ketamine Rescheduling
 2016 Elephant guide ban California  2016 Elephant guide ban RhodeIsland  2016 Elephant guide ban Illinois
 2016 Elephant guide ban California compromise version 2016 Proposed AWA changes concerning Marine mammals  2016 AZA/AAZV Injurious Salamanders Bsal

AAZV Letters of Endorsements

AAZV IEF Miller Research Endorsement AVMA Electroimmobilization Endorsement AVMA Removal or Reduction of Canine Teeth Endorsement
AVMA Declawing Captive Exotic Cats Endorsement AVMA Elephant Guide and Tethers Endorsement AVMA Velveting Endorsement
AAZV Support to Ban Commercial Collection of Native Reptiles AAZV Oppose H. R. 2603  

Member Information Section

Click HERE for committee reports and responsibilities

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