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AAZV Research Grant of 2015

Grants for the health of wildlife

Through The Wild Animal Health Fund, AAZV provides important resources to be responsive to animal health studies that have impact on the care and conservation of captive and free-ranging wildlife.

Proposals Accepted for Funding in 2015

  1. Pharmacokinetics of Enrofloxacin and its Metabolite Ciprofloxacin in the Green Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis) Following Intracoelomic and Bath Administration
    P.I. Craig Harms, DVM, PhD, DACZM

  2. Validation of a commercial assay to measure cytokines and acute phase proteins in the Manatee (Trichechus manatus): A health assessment tool
    P.I. Milton Levin, MS, PhD  Co-P.I. Catherine Walsh, PhD  Co-P.I. Estelle Rousselet, PhD, DVM

  3. Pharmacokinetics of orally administered voriconazole in African Pengins (Spheniscus demersus) after single and multiple doses
    P.I. Michael Hyatt, DVM, Co-P.I. Nathan Wiederhold, PharmD, FCCP Co-P.I. William Hope, BMBS,FRACP,FRCPA,PhD

  4. Assessing the pathogenesis of dolphin morbillivirus in cetaceans off the US Atlantic coast
    P.I.Kathleen Colegrove, DVM,PhD,DACVP  Co-P.I. Andrea Bogomolni, PhD  Co-P.I. Tracey Goldstein, PhD  Co-P.I.Deborah Fauquier, DVM, MPVM, PhD

  5. Determining total hemocyte counts and hemolymph clinical chemistry profiles for free-ranging American hourse shoe crabs (Limulus polphemus)
    P.I. Jill Arnold, MS, MT (ASCP)  Co-P.I. Leigh Ann Clayton, DVM, DABVP

  6. Pharmacokinetics of alpha lipoic acid, a proposal therapeutic aid for domoic acid intoxication in California sea lions (Zapophus californianus)
    P.I. Cara Field, DVM, PhD  Co-P.I. Shawn Johnson, MS, DVM
    Sponsored by Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition, Land O'Lakes, Inc.
    Hereby named "Mazuri Grant" of the 2015 AAZV Research Grant Program

  7. The Pygmy Hippopotamus (Choeopsis liberiensis) - Health & Reproduction in the ex situ population
    P.I. Gabriella Flacke, DVM, MVSc  Co-P.I. Graeme Martin, BSc, PhD  Co-P.I. Kristen Warren, BSc, BVMS, PhD, DECZM
  8. Host-Vector-Parasite Interactions in the Chagas disease System at Texas Zoological Park
    P.I. Sarah Hamer, MS,PhD,DVM  Co-P.I.Rachel Curtis-Robles, PhD  Co-P.I. Gabriel Hamer, MS, PhD
  9. Biomedical Evaluation of Free-Ranging Sahamalaza Sportive Lemurs (Lepilemur sahamalazensis) in the National Park of Sahamalaza
    P.I. Michelle Barrows, BVMS, BSc, MRCVS  Co-P.I. Rowena Killick, BVM&S, MSc, MRCVS
  10. Immune Responses in Lions (Panthera leo): Identifying Novel Biomarkers for Detection of Bovine Tuberculosis
    P.I. Michelle Miller, DVM, MS, MPH, PhD  Co-P.I. Sven Parsons, BVSc, MSc, PhD  Co-P.I. Peter Buss, BVSc MMed Vet  Co-P.I. Francisco Olea-Popelka, DVM, MSc, PhD
  11. The Skin Microbiome of the Narwhal (Monodon monoceros) - A 30 year Retrospective of a potential health index
    P.I. Sandra Black, BSc, DVM, Dip Path



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