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Dear Snakebites in the New Millennium Symposium Participant, or other interested party:


In October 2005, there was an international symposium on native and non-native venomous snakes and snakebite, held at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The talks were videotaped and we are considering making them available. The conference spanned three days and there are over

12 hours of platform presentations on snakebite epidemiology, antivenom research and development, venom research, advances in snake cladistics, regulatory Issues, institutional acquisition, care and handling, clinical management, the new Online Antivenom Index, and more. With two hours of presentations per DVD, this will require a six- to seven-DVD set. We hope to include a copy of the accompanying PowerPoint slides and, for those who did not attend the meeting, the cost for CME credit is only an additional $80.00. Because of production costs and the need to obtain volume discounts, it is probably not feasible to offer these on a talk-by-talk basis, but rather only as a complete set.

My query is whether you would be interested in obtaining a complete set of the presentations if the cost were in the $90 - $100 range. We will need to document substancial interest before committing the resources to producing the DVD's. We are also offering a 15% discounts for DVD orders made before Jan 1  (the discount  does not apply to the CME).

Please reply to Diane Frost at: < <>>


1)       A “yes” or “no” regarding interest in the DVD set and/or

2)       An order for the set (Diane will get back to you with a way to place a secure order online) to be sure to lock in a pre-production discount.

By the way, check out the symposium website: < <>>

We’ve put up photos of the meeting and associated activities. We will be posting the abstracts once they’re published in the January issue of the Journal of Medical Toxicology. We will have further information regarding the DVDs, and also regarding future meetings.




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