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Guidelines for Authors Brief Communication



PURPOSE: To provide substantive information on research observations or clinical cases that involve a single animal and/or reports of common medical/surgical conditions in new species. Brief Communications differ from full papers in scope and completeness, but not in quality of information.  Reports involving single animals and common medical conditions, even if the conditions are being described for the first time in a particular species, should be presented as Brief Communications unless a full Case Report can be clearly justified.  Cases involving multiple individuals or descriptions of new medical/surgical conditions or techniques, are more appropriately presented as Case Reports.

FORMAT:  Brief Communications should include a title page (with author's names, addresses, etc. presented in the usual style), an abstract (in the usual style) on a separate page with key words,  and the narrative, which should begin on a new page.   The only headings should be "BRIEF COMMUNICATION,"  located at the beginning of the narrative, and "LITERATURE CITED," which should be at the beginning of a new page.

LENGTH:  not more than 1500 words (not including the abstract)

ABSTRACT:  100-150 words or less (not part of the 1500 word total)

TEXT/PAGE LENGTH:  not more than 1500 words (excluding abstract); not more than 6 pages, single sided, double spaced, size 12 type, and with margins as described in Instructions to Authors. 

ILLUSTRATIONS:  not more than two (either table and/or figure).

REFERENCES:  Maximum of 10-12.

AUTHOR RESPONSIBILITY:  the author must make it clear that the material being submitted should be treated and reviewed as a Brief Communication.

REVIEW PROCESS:  Sent to an Associate Editor who will assign one or more additional reviewers.

SUBMISSION PROCESS: Manuscript submission and submission payment information may be found by following the JZWM link on the AAZV website (


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