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Externship Opportunities

Externship Opportunities are available both in the US and outside of the US. Please select the location of your interest.

ATTENTION: Due to Covid, there may be specific requirements by the individual institutions related to COVID mitigation. Be sure to discuss this when contacting institutions for information on their educational opportunity.

United States

Outside United States    
If you would like to initiate or update Pre-Graduate Education programs (Externships, Preceptorships) to offer, then complete the form below and click submit. 

Information provided will be entered into the Educational Opportunities link of the AAZV website. These postings are usually ongoing programs which may or may not have specific application deadlines. If the posting is only meant to be short term and has specific application deadlines, it may be better to post the information as a Job Opportunity on the Career Center Page. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your posting or changes to a posting to be active on the AAZV website, as the information needs to be reviewed by the Education Committee, and sent to the webmaster for posting.  

In an effort to keep the list as current as possible, if possible please indicate the deadline date as the same date regardless of the year. An example of this would be "Application deadline is November 15th of each year”. If that is not an option (ie: the application deadline varies from year to year), please state the approximate deadline and indicate that the program should be contacted directly to confirm the date each year. An example of this would be "Application deadline is in November of each year, please contact the program to determine the date of the deadline as this may vary from year to year.” If you prefer to list a specific date for each application round, please ensure that you are able to update your posting at least 3 months prior to the deadline.  

Please fill in all pertinent data.  If you are updating and have no changes other than the "last updated" field, then you will only need to fill out the "institution name" and the "last updated" fields before submitting.  The rest can be left blank.  If you have any changes at all other than the "last updated" field, please fill out the entire form completely at each update.

If you prefer to list the Externship as a job posting too, you may do so but a fee will be assessed.