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Externships Available in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Externship Opportunities



Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden



2000 Remington Place



Oklahoma CIty






United States


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Primary Contact

Jennifer D'Agostino, DVM, DACZM


Position (of Contact)

Director of Veterinary Services





Email Address





Clinical Experience (to be gained during program)

Veterinary students will participate in all parts of the hospital’s clinical procedures. This includes planning, preparing equipment, clinical case management, laboratory work, and cleaning. Veterinary students are encouraged to work with staff to learn safe manual and chemical restraint techniques. Venomous species are always handled by trained reptile staff for veterinary procedures. Species that can be manually restrained (Education animals: small birds, rabbits, rodents) are excellent patients to obtain animal handling skills. You may be asked to assist with restraint of other species as needed and under the direction of the veterinarian or veterinary technician. Veterinary students will participate in daily care of hospitalized patients as appropriate for the species, disease, and risks associated with handling the animal. For your safety, we do not allow you to lock or unlock cages or to shift animals without supervision. In our zoo the animal diet preparation area (Commissary) is within the veterinary department. We create and maintain the diet plans for all zoo animals. This department is maintained by 3 staff members. You have the option to spend a morning learning how diets are prepared for the animal collection, but it is not a requirement. The commissary prepares raw meat, produce, and grain diets every day. In order to make sure all diets are ready for the animals each day, the staff begins at 6:30am. You may choose to start with them at this time, or at 8am. Typically meat preparation occurs at the beginning of the shift. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.



No research required


Allied Institution



The goal of your preceptorship is to get experience with zoo medicine. You will be expected to help set up for procedures, observe and assist as asked with procedures, and also help break down and clean after procedures. You are expected to help with in-hospital treatments as well as assist veterinary technicians with routine cleaning, lab sample processing (including fecal exams), etc. You will be expected to read up on active cases and to participate in daily rounds as well as journal club. There may be some down time while you are here and you are expected to fill it constructively. We have an extensive zoo library (some of which is housed in the zoo hospital) and you are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of it. Internet access is also available to look up relevant information. You also have an extensive resource of zoo knowledge available to you in the zoo staff. Feel free to ask questions. The zoo rotation is not as structured as other rotations you may have gone through. The most successful students make the most of their time here by being actively involved in procedures, asking questions, and seeking out information on the animals we care for and the medicine we practice. At the end of your rotation there will be a comprehensive quiz testing you on the things you saw and/or did during your time at the zoo. This quiz is not graded but used to make sure you learned as much as possible during your time here.



3-6 weeks


Application Requests

Current CV and 2 references


If applications are not taken continuously, at what date will this position next be available?


Application Deadline


Class Standing



No compensation



On-site housing is available and can be used if vacant.



No transportation is provided, public transportation in the area is not all that easy to use.



Liability insurance is not provided and is not required.




TB Tests/Vaccinations

Each student is required to have a negative TB test within 30 days of their rotation start date. The results should be brought with you the first day of the rotation.


Does program accept International applicants?



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