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Residency Available at North Carolina State University


North Carolina State University/NC Zoo/NC Aquariums

Address (City, Street, State/Province, Zip)

1060 William Moore Dr. Raleigh, NC, 27607

Primary Contact

Michael Stoskopf (overall), Craig Harms (aquatic), Jb Minter (general zoo), Tara Harrison(ZCA)

Primary Contact Email, Phone

Number of Positions Available

usually 1 see description for rotation

Matching Program?


On what date will this position next be available?

Positions start on or about July 15 each year

Application Deadline

Match Deadlines Apply

Application should include

See position in the 

Experience Required

Minimum of 1 year internship or practice equivalent

Accept International Applicants



yes, currently $32,000 per year for residents, more variable for graduate students, fairly standard academic health insurance, etc

Length of Commitment/Start Date

3 years

Program Description

All residencies are 3 year programs. Generally one resident is chosen each year through the VRIMP match. For more details visit the AAVC VRIMP match website ( In odd application years (even year starts) we select a resident wanting to pursue a career in Zoo Animal Health Management. In odd application years (even year starts) we select a resident seeking a career in aquatic health management. Currently we are selecting candidates interested in a career in Zoological Companion Animal Practice every third year. Assuming funds available the next time for selecting a ZCA resident will be application year 2018 to start in 2019. Selection of individuals interested in pursuing an ACZM compliant PhD program is on an ad hoc basis by individual faculty when funding for graduate support becomes available. PhD programs are regular academic PhD research in our Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology graduate program and tend to take 5 to 6 years to complete. The residencies involve didactic course work through the 3 years, and involve rotation among the various emphasis areas and some other specialty groups (pathology, anesthesia, etc) in the first and approximately half of the second year. About 50% of the 3 years is spent working and studying in the emphasis area the resident was chosen to pursue. The ZCA resident currently has less out rotation opportunity than the other residencies. Complying PhD programs provide approximately 6 months of clinical experience in addition to the didactic and graduate studies involved.

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