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Collaboration through the AAZV Listserv

Registered for the AAZV-L Listserv?

You probably are because once a quarter, all member email addresses are reconciled to ensure inclusion. As an AAZV member, the AAZV-L (which is only open to AAZV members) will allow you to email AAZV members with current issues that would be of interest to the AAZV membership.  


Emails will come from, and will always be preceded with the prefix AAZV-L. So, you will always be able to identify the AAZV-L emails.

If you are already a member of the AAZV-L, you should be receiving these periodic emails.

If you are not sure if you are signed up for the AAZV-L, or you would like to be signed up, please send me (Tom Curro) an
email, and I will let you know if you are already signed up, or will sign you up, if you choose.


Please take a moment to review the AAZV Listserv guidelines:


What the listserv should provide

  Opportunities to benefit from the collective wisdom of the group on a situation, legislation, urgent issue, etc. 

  A chance to share commonly valuable information inexpensively and quickly. 


What the listserv should refrain from

  Items that essentially lobby fellow listserv members on an issue being debated within our profession.

  Items whose principle premise is to promote an event.  (Use upcoming events on the web site for that.)

  Items that principally involve communications that are germane to just a few people.

  Anything that involves subjects of an anti-trust nature.

  Messages that contain information that is abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, or otherwise inappropriate that could be offensive to one or more members.

  Listing job openings. (Use the web site Career Center for job postings.)

  Posting internships, residencies, etc. (Use the web site Education Center to submit opportunities.)


Listserv replies

  You should reply to the listserv when the information you are sharing is something everyone can potentially benefit from (e.g. How your organization handles an issue which was posted as a question).

  You should reply only to the individual asking the question when your response is confidential or has application to only the person asking.

  When posting on the listserv please include an autosignature with your message or otherwise make sure your email address follows your name.

User agrees to refrain from posting information and/or participating in online discussions having antitrust implications, and that may lead to, whether expressed or implied, price fixing, boycotting of any industry, company or business, or any other conduct intended to illegally restrict free trade. Discussion of specific prices or fees that could lead to price fixing is prohibited.