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Dr. Doug Armstrong of the Henry Doorly Zoo, Dr. Terry Kreeger, and perhaps others are interested in preparing a review article for the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine regarding the use of tiletamine/zolazepam (Telazol, Zoletil) to anesthetize captive and free-ranging tigers.  The purpose of this article is to summarize what has been published and, hopefully, make recommendations on its use and safety.  To this end, we are soliciting any information that you can document on this subject.  If you have used Telazol/Zoletil on tigers, please provide any data on: 1) number of uses, 2) subspecies, 3) dates, 4) general location (e.g., name of zoo or country, if free-ranging), 5) reasons for use (e.g., routine exam, treatment, research, etc.), 6) condition of animal (e.g., normal, sick, injured, aged, etc.), 7) any adverse reactions observed (describe and when post immobilization reactions were observed), and, just as importantly, 8) if no adverse reactions were observed.  Please e-mail Dr. Terry Kreeger ( or post response at under “Wildlife Capture Discussion”, subject: “Tigers and Telazol.”  Many thanks for your input and comments.


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