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The Brown Hyena Research Project (BHRP) is based in the coastal town of Luderitz in south-western Namibia. Our study area has been declared a National Park and our project participates in the drafting of a management plan for this area, as the brown hyena was chosen as one of the park’s flagship species. This section of the Namib Desert is also part of the Succulent Karoo Biome, one of 25 global biodiversity hotspots. Due to the area’s large size (26 000 km²) brown hyenas are fitted with GPS collars to monitor their movement, activity and home range size in order to establish a monitoring programme for this flagship species.

At present four brown hyenas and one spotted hyena are fitted with GPS collars and three brown hyenas are fitted with VHF collars. We have an additional six GPS collars and three GSM collars to fit in 2008. Therefore we are looking for a volunteer wildlife vet, who has got the time to help our project. The vet would have to obtain a temporary registration with the Namibian Vet Council and have a valid work visa for Namibia. The base of the project is in Luderitz and field trips into the study area would be done on a regular basis to bait, dart and collar hyenas.  

Time frame:    June 2008 – October 2008 

Experience:   Vet degree

                        Use of dartgun

                        Work with nocturnal animals 

Costs carried by BHRP: accommodation in Luderitz

                        Visa fees

                        Vet registration fees 

Cost to carry by self:  Flight to Namibia

                        Travel to Luderitz 


Those interested should contact:
Dr. Ingrid Wiesel

Brown Hyena Research Project
P. O. Box 739
Tel./Fax: ++264 (0)63 202114


581705 White Oak Road
Yulee, FL 32097 USA

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