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Workshop opportunities, AAZV/ARAV Annual Conference, South Padre, Texas, 2010

1 . Marine Mammal Ophthalmology
a . This workshop will provide the attendee with hands-on evaluation of marine mammal eyes, including ophthalmoscopy, ultrasound, anatomical dissection, and slit-lamp techniques. Presented by renowned marine mammal ophthalmologist Carmen Colitz of Aquatic Animal Eye Care LLC. 
b . Fee= $ 200.00 Attendees- 20
c . Saturday 1:00-5:00

2 . AAZV 17th Annual Zoo & Wildlife Pathology Workshop - 2010
a . Led by preeminent veterinary zoo pathologists Dick Montali and Linda Lowenstine, this annual workshop provides cutting edge information and case reviews.  The pathology topic this year is the urinary tract with emphasis on the pathology and diseases of the kidneys.  The keynote speaker will be Cathy Brown, known for her expertise on comparative aspects of renal diseases and pathology.  You do not have to present a case to attend, but if you'd like to present a pathology case for review please email Linda at and Dick at with a brief description of the case by 26 July, 2010..  Fifteen cases will be selected for presentation at the Workshop.
b . Fee= veterinarian $100.00, student $85.00  Attendees -100
c . Sunday 8:00-5:00

3 . Oiled seabird rescue workshop
a . Participants will learn the fundamentals of oiled seabird rescue techniques, including effects of oil on wildlife, initial intake and exam of oiled wildlife, an introduction to OSHA training, wildlife rehabilitation’s role in Incident Command System, and actual hands-on cleaning of oiled feathers.
b . Fee= $150.00 Attendees- 50
c . Sunday 8:00-2:00

4 . Border Medicine/Forensic Science
a . A unique workshop which will provide the participant with legal and ethical aspects of the smuggled animal trade. Discussion will include forensic applications, field collection of evidence, medical and legal forensic investigation, and practical applications of the rules of evidence. There are two instructors: a USFWS Wildlife Inspector and Master Technical Instructor in Forensic Science.
b . Fee= $120.00 Attendees- 50
c . Saturday 8:00-12:00

5 . Avian endoscopy
a . This popular workshop provides the attendee with basic and advanced approaches to avian endoscopy utilizing rigid laparoscopy by the premier exotic animal endoscopist Steven Divers.  WORKSHOP FULL, WAIT LIST AVAILABLE.
b . Fee= $250.00  Attendees-15
c . Saturday 8:00-12:00

6 . Being Successful in Getting Your Research Published
a . This workshop, provided by the Editor of the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, will focus on formats, techniques, literature review and manuscript preparation for the attendees to get their papers published.
b . Fee= $125.00  Attendees-15
c . Saturday 8:00-12:00

7 . Sea turtle Medicine
a . The location of the conference provides the perfect setting for attendees to learn the latest techniques and innovations in medicine and rehabilitation of sea turtles. The laboratory will take place at Sea Turtle Inc., a premier facility located just off the shore of South Padre Island and within 10 minutes of the hotel. A number of instructors will provide a combination of lecture and practical laboratory will cover such topics as taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, advanced imaging, critical care, common clinical problems, ultrasound, surgical techniques, and wound care.  WORKSHOP FULL, WAIT LIST AVAILABLE.
b . Fee= $250.00  Attendees- 25
c . Sunday 8:00-5:00

8 . Reptile Necropsy techniques
a . This laboratory, provided by one of the premier zoo pathologists, Mike Garner, will focus on necropsy and anatomy of iguanas and turtles. Participants will have hands-on experience in dissection, gross pathology and proper tissue sampling.
b . Fee= $175.00  Attendees- 20
c . Sunday 1:00-5:00

9 . Raptors: Practical Information for Clinicians
a . Captive raptors present unique challenges in avian medicine. This blended program will provide practical clinical procedures for the management of raptors, clinical techniques to avoid the development of problems in captive raptors, and a review of the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of the most common problems in practice. Topics may include handling, feeding, critical care and triage, ophthalmologic conditions, principles and decision making in fracture management, toxicities, aspergillosis, bumblefoot, parasites and West Nile virus. The course will be taught by Michelle Frahm and Julie Ponder from the Raptor Center in Minnesota.
b . Fee= veterinarians $175.00, students $100.00  Attendees- 25 per session.
c. Saturday 8:00-12:00 session, and 1:00-5:00 session.

ARAV Workshops (Please go to to register for these workshops)
1 . Chelonian shell repair
2 . Venomous reptile handling and medicine
3 . Reptile endoscopy (will be on Sunday morning) WORKSHOP FULL, WAITLIST AVAILABLE
4 . Hematology (will be on Sunday Afternoon)


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