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VAG Advisor Vacancies

VAG Advisor Vacancies

The Veterinary Advisory Group is currently seeking applicants to fill the following Vet Veterinary Advisor vacancies:

Anseriformes TAG

Gruiformes - Turnicidea TAG vet advisor

Gruiformes - Psophiddea TAG vet advisor

Gruiformes – Rallidea TAG vet advisor

Gruiformes – Eurypdgidea TAG vet advisor

Gruiformes – Rhynochetidea TAG vet advisor

Rodent, Insectovore, Langomorph TAG

Bison, Buffalo, Cattle TAG

Canid and Hyaenid TAG (Co-advisor)

Freshwater fishes TAG

Pelicaniformes TAG

Bear, Andean (Spectacled) SSP

Kiwi SSP 

Banteng SSP

Louisiana Pine Snake SSP

Macaque (Japanese, Liontailed, Sulawesi) SSP

Micronesian Kingfisher SSP (Pathologist)

Mynah, Bali SSP

Rodriguez fruit bat SSP

Golden lion tamarin SSP

Babirusa SSP

Please contact (to be announced) for more information.


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