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AAZV Conference Sessions List 2012

Poster Session:

Chair:  Nick Kapustin  (
Co-chair: Anneke Moresco  (
Co-chair: Marc Valitutto  (

Anesthetic Challenges

Chair:  Greg Fleming  (
Co-chair:  Sathya Chinnadurai  (

Applied Zoological Analgesia

Chair:  Kurt Sladky  (
Co-chair:  Betsy Stringer  (

Future of our Profession  (Student and post-graduate competitions)

Chair:  Mike Adkesson (
Co-chair: Karen Kearns (

New Frontiers in Zoo Medicine

Chair:  Mads Bertelsen (MFB@ZOO.DK)
Co-chair:  Rachel Thompson (

Tips, Tricks, and Case Reports

Chair:  Tracy Clippinger (
Co-chair:  Christian Wenker (

Wildlife Medicine Successes

Chair:  Sharon Deem (
Co-chair:  Ezequiel Hidalgo (

Reptiles and Amphibians (Joint session with ARAV)

AAZV Chair:  Matt Allender (
ARAV Chair:  Rob Coke (


Chair:  Julie Napier (
Co-chair:  Cobus Raath (

Pathology, Parasitology, and Laboratory Diagnostics

Chair:  Jean Paré (
Co-chair:  Dale Smith (


Chair:  Allison Tuttle (
Co-chair:  Daniel Garcia-Parraga (

Animal Welfare and Management Issues

Chair:  Mark Lloyd (
Co-chair:  Arne Lawrenz (

Allied organization programs (AZA, USDA, ISIS, etc.)

Chair:  Clay Hilton (
Co-chair:  Pam Dennis (

Carnivores and Primates

Chair:  PK Robbins (
Co-chair:  Enrique Yarto Jaramillo (


Chair:  Kathryn Gamble (
Co-chair:  Jaime Samour (

Charismatic Microvertebrates (Joint session with AEMV)

Chair:  Joanne Paul-Murphy (


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