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Strategic Plan Retreat 2012



The AAZV Strategic Plan mandates that: “at least every three years, the Association will assemble a Strategic Planning Retreat, involving approximately 15 members of the Association.  The Retreat will be facilitated and will reassess the entire Strategic Plan.”

It’s been three years since we approved the 2009 Strategic Plan, so a group of AAZV members met at Disney’s Animal Kingdom February 17 and 18 to review the Plan. We are grateful to Disney and their staff for assistance with the meeting location, facilities, and their gracious hospitality. The participants included both the AAZV Executive Board, and additional invited members representing a range of tenure within the organization, national and international members, and members from various backgrounds and types of institutions. The meeting was facilitated by Mr. Carl Neu, a professional facilitator who also worked with us on the creation of the plan.

Overall, AAZV is performing extremely well on our Strategic Plan which was originally created in 2002, and revised in 2009. In the plan our strategic priorities are defined, a direction for the next ten years is defined, and there are established five-year goals to be pursued toward fulfillment of the strategic priorities. Specific measureable objectives accompany the work plans. Subsequently the AAZV Executive Board reviews the plan annually day prior to the Midyear meeting.  The updated AAZV Strategic Plan will be posted on the Web site soon.

Participants included: Kay Backues, Meg Southerland-Smith, Paul  Calle, Doug Armstrong, Chris  Hanley, Deidre Fontenot, Gwen Myers, Clay Hilton, Enrique Yarto, Kirsten Gilardi, Gretchen Cole, Maria Spriggs, Vickie Milne, Dennis Schmitt, and Rob Hilsenroth,


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