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Internship Available at Wildlife Safari/ ODFW/ Western University of Health Sciences
Wildlife Safari/ ODFW/ Western University of Health Sciences

Address (City, Street, State/Province, Zip)
1790 Safari Road Winston, OR 97496

Primary Contact
Benji Alcantar, DVM

Primary Contact Email, Phone, 541-679-6761 EXT 222

Number of Positions Available

Matching Program?

On what date will this position next be available?
July 2020

Application Deadline
October 1st – first week of December each year 

Application should include
Letter of intent, CV or resume, 2 letters of recommendation (Electronic application and recommendation will be accepted)

Experience Required
DVM, or equivalent degree. Preference given to those with one year of clinical experience; experience in exotics, zoo and/or wildlife desired. International applicants will be considered.

Accept International Applicants

$30,000.00/year – Free Housing available (no pets) at Wildlife Safari, 75% of health/dental insurance covered, simple IRA retirement Plan (3% match up), veterinary and vehicle services at cost. 

Length of Commitment/Start Date
July to June, one year commitment

Program Description
Wildlife Safari, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), and Western University of Health Sciences (WU) have partnered to create a one of a kind internship, where a year-long intern will work among all three organizations. The intern will benefit from a breadth of training in the care of native and exotic wildlife, have an opportunity to learn from all three organizations, and actively contribute to the goals and outcomes of each program. The intern will be an employee of Wildlife Safari, with each partner contributing to the cost of the intern’s stipend. Each partner will have access to the intern during the year of employment. Wildlife Safari is an AZA accredited institution with over 500 animals, situated on over 600 acres. The park is located 10 minutes off of I-5 in south-central Oregon, just 1.5 hours from Eugene. The park includes both a drive through section and non-free range exhibits. The drive through consists of three major drive-through sections, where hoof stock are in a mixed species, free range setting. There are four additional areas of non-free range animals (Lions, Brown Bears, Black Bears, Cheetahs/Tigers); and a large walk through Village section that includes over 100 smaller animals (mammals, birds, reptiles and a petting zoo). Wildlife Safari is known for having the most successful cheetah breeding program in the United States. The park currently has 20 cheetahs spread between a large, off exhibit breeding area and the drive-through area. The hospital is staffed by two full time veterinarians. The intern will participate in all aspects of veterinary care at the park, including, but not limited to: dart immobilization procedures, annual exams, preventative medicine, surgeries and emergency care. The intern is expected to assist with veterinary externs, work rotating on-call hours, and create/perform one project or research topic. The intern will spend up to 3 months of the year available to assist with any of the ODFW wildlife and disease monitoring projects, as well as spending 3 months at the Western University of Health Sciences.

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