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Repro Health Surveillance Program

AAZV members resume the Contraceptive Reproductive Health Surveillance Program that Dr. Munson established

Dr. Dalen Agnew, Michigan State University and Dr. Anneke Moresco, Denver Zoo, have accepted the responsibility of serving as the pathology advisors for the AZA Wildlife Contraception Center. The Center has been granted the approval from the IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) and meets compliance of the Animal Welfare Act for several contraceptive programs. The purpose of the center is to maintain a database to monitor all contraceptives used in captive wildlife. The Reproductive Health Surveillance Program conducts comprehensive pathologic examinations on reproductive tracts to detect deleterious effects associated with contraceptives.

The Reproductive Health Surveillance Program

Committed to understanding the normal and pathologic processes that affect the reproduction of wild animals and addresses the need for baseline data with the stewardship of a large collection of reproductive tracts from a wide variety of species.

Complete reproductive tracts are needed from BOTH CONTRACEPTED AND NON-CONTRACEPTED male and female mammals, so that we can determine if diseases are spontaneous in a species or caused by the contraceptive. Tissue collected by ovariohysterectomy or castration or at necropsy are appropriate.

We have outlined procedural steps and shipping instructions for ease in participating in this programs. We prefer complete reproductive tracts, but if this is not possible, trimming instructions are available. If only a partial tracks can be sent, we would appreciate that process as well. We are also requesting information on Adverse Reactions due to contraceptives, please submit this form to Dr. Moresco.


Protocol for Submitting Too Large to Ship Repro Track, see FORM. 


For questions on the program, sampling or collaboration projects, please contact

Lion video illustrating Suprelorin implant insertion

AZA WIldlife Contraceptive Center

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