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AAZV Zoological Medicine & Wildlife Health Research Grant

Application and Review Process

In 2012, The American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AAZV) established the Zoological Medicine and Wildlife Health Research Grant program which is funded by The Wild Animal Health Fund.  The intent of the research grants is to improve the care and conservation of captive and free-ranging wildlife. Grants are awarded in amounts that do not exceed $15,000 and will be granted on annual basis. 

Submitting Proposals

The application and proposal guidelines can be found by clicking GUIDELINES.

Call for Applications CLOSED.

Read the following about the process and criteria but go to the guidelines for details for the application.

Proposal Review Process

Chair will review each grant proposal received for adherence to the grant submission guidelines; those submissions which do not meet this baseline criteria will not be reviewed by the committee.  Applicant will be provided feedback on where non-compliance occurred.  Chair also will review each grant proposal for content and relevance; in situations where these categories are considered sub-optimal and not warranting full committee review, Co-Chair also will review the grant proposal.  In case of disagreement in these categories between Chair and Co-Chair, the grant proposal will be submitted to the full committee.

Successfully submitted proposals will be reviewed by the AAZV Research Grant Committee that includes not less than eight (8) members, potentially to include additional ad-hoc subject matter experts. These committee members serve four year terms that can be extended for up to three years.

Each grant is critically evaluated and scored by a minimum of two committee members as a primary and secondary reviewer whom present their recommendations to the entire committee.  However, all committee members are provided all grants and are instructed to read each of them.

A summary of recommended grants to be funded will be provided to the AAZV Executive Committee by the time of their mid-year meeting in March or April. Applicants will be notified of funding decisions by April 30th of year of funding.  All applicants will be provided feedback from their submitted proposals which will be a simple summary provided from the comments of the primary and second reviewers.

Grant Criteria 

     Grants will be critically evaluated using the following criteria:

    • Clearly identifies the need, methodology and value of the work
    • Contains relevance to AAZV’s mission to empower our members to advance our profession and enhance wild animal health, welfare, and conservation. 
    • Highlights investigator’s commitment to wild animal health
    • Exhibits the expertise of all involved investigators
    • Includes the associated capabilities of the institution involvement and support of the research
    • Endorses the AZA or EAZA managed species programs
    • Approvals obtained for the institution’s animal care and use committee
    • Project evaluation criteria:

    • Scientific Merit: Hypothesis and Objectives, Experimental design and method, data analysis, preliminary data
    • Impact/Relevance: Importance of study to advancing zoological medicine
    • Attainability of Objectives: Ability of PIs to complete study in given type, adequate facilities and equipment, etc
    • Technical Writing: Coherent proposal, concise, easy to read, literature review
    • Appropriate Budget and Financial Considerations 

Final Report Outline

Grant projects completed should follow this outline for submitting final reports.  Once final reports have been approved, the final draft of funds will be sent to the institution.  Click HERE for final report outline.

For questions, contact