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AAZV Committees

Get Involved

The best way to become actively involved in AAZV is by joining a committee. Review the information on each committee and decide which committee is right for you. You may contact the committee chair or Robert Hilsenroth, DVM, Executive Director for additional details to make sure it is a good fit for your interest and time constraints. We are eager for you to participate and invite you to visit the committee meetings held each year during the annual conference. Join a Committee: On the main banner of the website, click on the "Members" tab, select "Find A Group."  A new page opens with the committees listed, please select the committee of interest.  The committee group page will appear, select the top icon "Join Group."  Soon after that you will be contacted by the committee chair.  Thanks for participating!

Animal Health & Welfare Committee

The purpose of the Animal Health and Welfare Committee is to act as a resource for the membership of AAZV as well as outside stakeholders for topics including infectious diseases of non-domestic species, disaster preparedness, and health and welfare of zoo animals and wildlife. While it is impossible for the leadership of such a committee to be experts in all of the areas of infectious disease and health conditions, the committee leadership is committed to assisting in connecting members or outside stakeholders with appropriate subject matter experts when questions arise beyond our personal expertise.

Association Advancement Committee

The Association Advancement Committee is comprised of the sub-committees: Development Committee and Public Relations (both internal and external).

The Development Committee is responsible for assisting the AAZV staff in the annual fund-raising and long-term financial development programs to support the Wild Animal Health Fund. The Auction Coordinator is within this committee.

The Public Relations sub-committee works in conjunction with AAZV and assist the implementation and communication of public relations initiatives, to support the Wild Animal Health Fund, and to highlight the veterinary care and conservation effort of the AAZV and its members.

Audit Committee

Oversees the association’s internal controls and risk-management procedures. The audit committee will meet with both management and the nonprofit's auditors to gain an understanding of the significant risks and exposures facing the association.

Awards Committee

Coordinates, determines qualifications and selects recipients for the Dolensek, Ullrey, and Lifetime Achievement award and the Munson Pathological Manuscript award.  This committee structure includes the Nomination Committee which abides by the rules and procedures as outlined in the bylaws of AAZV.

Editorial Board

Presides over of the publication, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. Committee members perform the peer review process of submissions of original research findings, clinical observations and case reports in the field of veterinary medicine dealing with captive and free-ranging wild animals.

Ethics/Professional Practice Committee

Handles, investigates and resolves any written charges of ethics violations, any member or client grievance, or any ethics of grievance matter from any source in regard to AAZV’s Code of Ethics.

International Committee

Represents the interest of our foreign membership and promotes information sharing between members through regular discourse and communications. Encourages participation of foreign members at the annual conference.

Legislation and Policy Committee

Focuses on a broad range of regulatory and animal welfare issues relevant to the AAZV. The objective of this committee is to monitor animal welfare and regulatory issues that are of concern to the AAZV, and provide analyses and position statements when appropriate.

Member Services/Professional Development Committee

Serves to integrate and retain members of AAZV through member outreach and collaboration during the year and at annual conference.  This committee structure includes the previous Information Resources Committee which disseminates pertinent information to the general membership by forwarding information to AAZV’s webmaster.  In addition, the Historian reports and information are now under this committee structure.

Research and Grant Committee

Reviews research grant applications and selects high quality proposals for AAZV funding of the Wild Animal Health Fund.

Scientific Program Committee

Oversees the development of the scientific program and workshop sessions at Annual Conference.

Student Programs and Services

The purpose of the Student Programs and Services Committee is to disseminate pertinent information regarding educational opportunities to the general membership, with a focus on opportunities for veterinary students, interns, and residents; to maintain, with the help of the AAZV Webmaster, the Education Center on the website with updated information; to organize student volunteers for the AAZV Conference Workshops and Scientific Program Sessions; and to oversee student and post-graduate competitions at the annual AAZV Conference.