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2020 March Spotlight

Julie Swenson, DVM, Dipl.ACZM/Photo credit Gavin Livingston

Julie wrote to AAZV to share the following:

The project is run by the Sahara Conservation Fund, and is a long running project that is releasing scimitar horned oryx back into the wild (they were previously extinct in the wild until this project came along). I was lucky enough to go to Chad about 18 months ago to help with GPS collaring for some of the SHO that were being released, which was amazing in an of itself, so when they asked me to come back this year I was ecstatic.

We spent three weeks this January in Chad working on several different parts of the project. We tracked several herds of SHO who were previously released and confirmed births of wild babies from wild born dams. We released 15 addax into the wild for the first time ever in Chad and then followed them via GPS collars as well. And we caught 3 female dama gazelles from a region of Chad where they are unable to find each other to mate (there are too few of them now) and moved them to a new region that has one of the last surviving dama herds in the country. The girls had to be flown awake but sedated, without crates, in a helicopter and small fixed wing plane due to size restraints in country. Made for some interesting flights and some excellent photos! Once there, we caught and introduced a wild breeding male to the group to improve genetics.

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